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HISS - Help to Improve Soft Skills

HISS – Help to Improve Soft Skills is a project that aims at transferring existing tools on screening soft skills, workplace learning methodologies and mentoring methodologies already developed to be used toward certain target-groups and a specific reality, into a wider range of target-groups (including students, people in labour market employed and unemployed, younger job seekers, employers), sectors of activities (including education, traditional economic sectors of activity such as Footwear) and to different realities encountered in different countries at European level. The transfer process will end into a development of a E-toolbox for Soft Skills (i.e. - HISS Toolbox) for the "support and improvement of Soft Skills", user-friendlyand easy actualized, envisaging training/placement/business supporting professionals and other staff performing that role in organizations including companies all over Europe.Beyond that final product a couple of specific objectives can be outlined:- Adapting the existing screening of soft skills methodology to be used toward different target-groups and in different realities;- Adapting the existing workplace learning methodologies in order to be used for the development of soft skills, wide range target-oriented and transversal at geographic and sectorial level;- Adapting the existing mentoring methodologies in order to be used on the supporting of soft skills development, wide range target-oriented and transversal at geographic and sectorial level;- Develop an awareness-raising concerning SOFT SKILLS at a European level that have a determining role in the competitiveness of organizations, beyond their role on personaldevelopment. The Project is being held by a consortium of 8 partners from 6 different countries so 6 different realities. Their activities also vary among education, training, placement, vocational guidance and counselling, VET, language learning, business support, enterprise start-up support, other lifelong learning supports activities, and all working with different target groups (students, unemployed, employed and employers) and different sectors of activity. The consortium identified the best already existing material among them and set up a workplan in order that the transfer of innovation will actually add value to the original material, in order to produce a more transversal product.
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