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Hinterm Horizont geht's weiter!
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Jan 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

According to article II of the Treaty on European Union (TEU), "equality" is a fundamental right in the European Union and aims to rule out that anybody is preferred or disadvantaged due to his or her origin, race, religion, language or political attitude. However, we still face inequality in many situations of our daily lives. This has a strong impact in particular on the development of young adults, who are expected to shape their personal advancement and life path in the next few years. Based on the personal situation of the individual, questions will be asked, such as: Why can other people study (abroad), and I can't? Why will I as a woman probably be paid less than a man? Why will a woman fill the job position I strive for, although my qualifications are better? Why am I as a wheelchair user always treated differently from others? Why do others give me funny looks, just because I wear a headscarf? Young people deal with these and other questions over and over again. Inequalities occurring in particular when they look for a suitable apprenticeship or employment and the effects of cultural differences (in particular due to migration) lead to a growing differentiation between "me/us" and "the others". The consequences are increasing dissatisfaction caused by a lack of dialogue and thus a group-related devaluation of others. This phenomenon can be observed all over Europe in different contexts and intensity. The youth seminar "Continuing beyond the horizon" with focus on participant interaction will take place at the European Academy of Otzenhausen and bring together almost 50 young Germans, Croats and Italians aged 16 – 20. It will make the dialogue among the participants a priority with the objective of making them learn with and from each other. The seminar furthermore aims to analyse the different practical aspects of the issue from various geographic, political and cultural points of view. Together, the participants shall develop approaches for the elaboration of problem-solving strategies and implement them in their daily lives. This is how the young adults shall turn into information disseminators and commit themselves to the purposes of civil society in their own environment. The project shall at the same time help to raise public awareness of inequalities and present solution approaches from the point of view of young Europeans. This objective shall explicitly involve civil society and politics. On the excursion day and in cooperation with local institutions and networks, the participants will form a human chain and use balloons to send their statements to the world. Furthermore newspaper articles will be published in local papers (local meaning the environment of both the EAO and the partner organisations), which the participants will have written themselves in the context of the project. Self-written memoranda shall be handed over to political decision-makers and thus draw their attention explicitly to inequalities in the area of democracy with a view to presenting them European suggestions to solve the problems related to inequality.

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