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Hike, explore, protect your health
Start date: 15 Dec 2012,

“Hike, explore, protect your health ” is a youth exchange that will gather together 42 young people from Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Italy, Albania and Bulgaria to work together on exploring natural resources for health protection by hiking in the area of Mavrovo. The exchange will be based on raising knowledge of health care and exploring the nature and the plants from which the nature is consisted. In this way to find out the positive effect that the plants in the nature has and to find out how to use them in order to provide a better and healthier life stile. Participants will also have a chance to share practice between their countries presenting which plants are used in their traditional medicine and in their culture by the local people. In this way they will also learn more about the things we share and the things that connects us; they will explore the nature, learn more about environment and the importance of nature in our life. The whole exchange will be put into practice through non-formal workshops, open discussions and creative workshops. The non-formal workshops will be on the subject such as exploring the ground and identification of the consisting flora; why some plants are used and for they are used, what is the benefit of the nature resource to mankind, what nature gives to us constantly. Through these workshops the participants coming from different social, political and religious backgrounds will have the chance to work together on discovering the wonders of nature. Parallel to this kind of workshops there will be creative workshops in which the participants will have the task to make artistic diaries where plants that they will find in the nature or bring with them from their countries will be putted and explained which plant is used for what. Diaries will be presented to public at the end of the project as artistic plants exhibition. This created artistic diaries will be published in a form of a booklet together with a short film.
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