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Highly EducAted Retirees Mentoring Early school leavers
Start date: Jan 1, 2010,

Rationale:• The ageing population in Europe is drastically growing. This is a socio-economic problem for European societies. • Many retirees are resourceful and wish to make a social contribution to society but do not have the knowledge or the skills to do so• One in six young adults in Europe has not completed upper secondary education and does not have the needed qualifications to obtain a good job. Economic and social consequences are significant for them and for society• Prominent reasons for early school leaving are e.g. that systems are not adapted to their special needs, low level of educational interest from networks, disadvantaged social background• Adult volunteer service for the elder population has been linked with e.g. improved health and mental sharpness • Retirees receive no or very random cognitive and practical education before undertaking voluntary work• The EU has a goal of involving further education more in lifelong learning of eldersOutputs, results and products:• A Mentor Course package• A Course for future Providers of the Mentor Course• Pedagogical material for Mentor Course (In 5 languages)• Pedagogical material for Course for Providers (in 5 languages)• Folder: Overall presentation of the project in full (in English)• Project web site with project information and downloadable folder and bookletsImpact:• The Mentor Course educates mobile and resource strong retirees (55+) who wish to make a social contribution to society but do not have the qualifications• They learn to act as mentors providing help and guidance to early school leavers (15-25) with special needs and lacking networks in order to support their educational goals. They will provide mentees with social capital by focusing on their professional and social skills and will stimulate them to remain or return to school. • Retirees remain active, make a social contribution and feel purpose in their life • Course for Providers responds to the educational challenge of the elders by transferring knowledge, skills and good practise to further education on educating senior citizens in voluntary social workMain activities:• Development, test runs, intercultural analysis, evaluations, refinements and dissemination of innovative courses and manual• Final open conference as in-put for final evaluation of products and launching of dissemination plan
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