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Higher Education System Development for Social Partnership Improvement and Humanity Sciences Competitiveness
Start date: Jan 15, 2010,

Modern labour-market in Eastern partner countries requires innovative organization in the field of managing sociocultural processes. The modernization of educational process in the field of humanity sciences is extremely actual because of the key tendencies in labour-market development in region. The market’s demand for specialists with specific skills of using sociocultural resources for the development of regions increases swiftly. The field of application for these skills is widening stably. It includes numerous practices of cultural tourism, various museum, exhibition, festival, culture-industrial and other projects.Main problem faced by partner universities in Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and Armenia is, that existing administrative approach, infrastructure, equipment and personel does not provide appropriate basis for offering of competitive and innovative educational system and content.In a questionnaire, disseminated among Universities, as main needs for improvement of situation following issues are marked:- need for strong involvement of new technologies in training process, providing of updated computer skills for students;-improvement of quality of foreign language teaching;- modernization of material and technological basis of Universities- need for a dialogue between all interested parties that are state, society, employers etc. in development of objectives, tasks and content of higher education The main objective of the project is to develop a joint, successive and accessible system of methodological recommendations that will increase the quality of higher education, as well as to involve the social partners into it.Emerging objectives: - To establish co-operation in area of humanity sciences including culture and art sector between Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia and European Union universities and social partners for modernization of educational approach-To assist partner countries in evaluating existing situtation, in pointing new directions and making necessary adaptations in their curricula and methodologies according to best practices of EU universities and social partners-To elaborate methodological reccomendations regarding educational approach for improvement of social partnership in competitiveness of humanity sciences-To elaborate occupational standard - Culture Manager for sector Culture and update related study programme in order to ensure usability of methodological recommendations - To prepare the material for involvement in European Qualifications Framework-To provide participation of line ministries, sector employer organisations and non-governmental organizations in implementation of elaborated methodology of educational approach-To dissiminate the project experience via partners academical and professional networks
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