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Higher education student and staff mobility project
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: Sep 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project is related to our international activities for the scholar year 2015-2016. Since some years, the EBABX develop, promote, international activities like internships, study periodes abroad and international workshops. At the end of the last year (2015), a person was recruited specificly to work on that international dimension. This shows how the Institution EBABX wants to grow up with the international dimension and strategy. In a fist time, the result of this enhancement of the international dimension can be measured by the number of individual mobility for student and staff. In total, it’s about 32 students who choose to have an experience abroad (internship or studies) and who benefits of a grant for a mobility. 12 of them received a grant from the Erasmus + programme and 20 of them received a regional grant “Aquimob”. 4 teachers went abroad for a teaching mobility but one was financed by our own founds because of a lake of Erasmus + grants. About incoming students, the demands increased for the first semester 2016-2017 with 5 students on the Erasmus + programme and 1 with a specific agreement with Canada. Other incoming mobility are still planned for the second semester even if the applications are not closed for the moment. The aims of the project were : 1- To give the opportunity to the EBABX’s students to experiment an internship abroad or to study for a semester (or more) in one of our schools partners. The aims are to reinforce their capacity in studying specifics classes in relation with their personal and professional project or to work on the professionalisation question and network. All the experiences of the students were positives and went on that way. 2- The second objective was to introduced the international dimension in the teaching methods and approaches. We have to reinforce our partnerships in order to create a real collaboration between our partners and us, and to host and send more teachers during the next year. The opportunity of mobility for staff and teachers seems to be now well understood and most of the teachers realized that this mobility experience is like a new tool for their teaching method. Description of the students mobilities : 3 “study mobility” for students in Romania, Italy and Belgium. During their semester abroad they had the opportunity to learn arts in a different way, with a different teaching approach and students can take a distance from their practice at the EBABX. 9 students realized an internship in Belgium, Irland, italy and Sweden. They realized their internship with artists (Irland) with film makers and artists (Belgium), illustrators (Sweden) and graphic designers (Italy). Description of the teaching mobilities : 2 teachers went to Germany at the HFG of Offenbach, in the Art department, and they had classes with students in art curriculum. 2 other teachers, especialized in art history, went in Greece, at the Academy of Arts of Athens. Impacts for the students : This experience help them to take a distance from their studies and for some of them, this mobilities conforted them in their professional orientation/decisions. Some of the students started to build their international wetwork, specificly with the contacts they had in Brussels, which is now “the place to be” for contemporain art. Our students moved abroad during their 4th study year so it’s important for them to prepare their “list of contacts” before leaving the school. Impact for the EBABX : though the students, this mobilities strengthens the links with galleries, foreign artists and arts schools. Impact for the teaching mobilities : This is the way to take a distance from our pedagogical approaches. It’s also the opportunity to meet colleagues abroad and to exchange good practices. It’s also a dynamic factor for our school because the teachers mobility reinforce the link with schools partners and let us imagine other projects like international workshops for students. It’s what’s happened with the HFG of Offenbach which host our students group (15 students) for a workshop in November 2016. Plus of that, the teachers who went on an Erasmus + mobility can easily encourage the students to live that kind of experience abroad because they are now more openminded about that question. All this emulation around the Erasmus mobility contribute to the attractivity of our school and reinforce the local inscription of our institution in the regional international strategy.
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