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Higher education student and staff mobility project
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: Sep 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

1. Conditions of the ERASMUS program The main objective by accessing the funds of ERASMUS program of Henri Coanda Air Force Academy (AFAHC) is to fulfill, in very good conditions, the mission stipulated from the Academic Charter. The mission is to train over two cycles (bachelor and master) integrated military specialist, anchored in reality, constantly adapted to the changes occurring in NATO, the EU and internationally structures, like military and civilian in the same time. The strategy of internationalization of curricula becomes a factor for the development of the entire educational system that is being conducted in the academy. 2. Objective The aim of student mobility is to enable academy’s students to contact the military academic education systems of Romania partner countries, to develop their desire to improve the ability to communicate with people from other cultures and systems. This is because the academy partner universities come from military educational system but also the civilian. The desire of teachers for professional and personal development has been covered by mobility of teachers for teaching and training. The consequences are noticed in: - Implementation of new techniques for teaching / learning - Correlate the AFAHC objectives with objectives of similar institutions in European countries - Bringing a consensus the skills acquired by graduates of the AFAHC and the skills of graduates from other European institutions, teachers being the primarily responsible for the acquisition of these by their graduates. 3. Activities The AFAHC had students who held undergraduate work at partner universities under the dual mentoring, of a teacher of the academy and one of the partner universities. This manner of presentation of the license is a continuous challenge for: - Academy teachers who are required to bring their knowledge in their field within an international language. - The academy who had to update the academic regulations At the same time, increasing mobility, outgoing and incoming, it has been a challenge for ERASMUS Office. It proved to be useful the members' participation in national and international workshops where experience and results achieved in mobility programs by partner institutions were the examples of good practice. In order to perform properly objectives, ERASMUS Office has conducted the following activities: -organizing the days of ERASMUS+ and informing academic society on Erasmus program and availability -Select students and teachers for outgoing mobility; a contest selection was conducted according to the methodology for the selection of AFAHC -Preparing ERASMUS documents and students declared winners (16 students from a total number of 210 students of academy) -Monitoring the outgoing students -Monitoring and integration into the academy students’ life of incoming student -Preparing necessary documents for recognition of credits at the return of outgoing students -Organizing with support of Students Organization from AFAHC trips and evenings for incoming students 4. Results and dissemination Through the web page AFAHC, the section dedicated to the program, Erasmus Office of the academy wishes to inform as quickly, those interested in this program, about the conduct of the program, the number of Erasmus grants among both students and staff. Because the interest of students to be part of the program was increased, budget transfer from SOM to SMS, STA and STT was needed. The number of students eager for ERASMUS grants was several times higher than the number of available grants . In the desire to involve the outgoing students and to increase the impact, Erasmus Open Doors Day was held in two stages. The first stage was carried out with the first day Erasmus Open Doors Day organized by ANPCDEFP and the second stage was carried out at the Scientific Student Conference held in April 2016. On this occasion, incoming students had the opportunity to present their work like ERASMUS student in the academy and information about university of origin. Dissemination program was carried out in two ways: 1.During the meetings of students association from AFAHC 2.In senate meetings of AFAHC 3.By updating the information on ERASMUS program, on the website and on the existing notice boards of the academy. In the long term AFAHC hopes that the signing of new cooperation agreements increases its visibility at university around Europe and develops plans in accordance with its partners.

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