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Higher education student and staff mobility project
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: Sep 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The "Mircea cel Batran" Naval Academy (MBNA) undertook an Erasmus + mobility project, under Key Action 1, during a 16 month period of contract. Similar to previous years' objectives of Erasmus + in the institution, the aim was to improve the educational process and develop the internationalization level of the institution under staff and teaching mobilities, as well as highlighting the importance of students involvement in study and traineeship mobilities. The resulted mobilities were accomplished on the basis of 7 inter-institutional agreements between the MBNA and compatible curricula of international partner universities from Bulgaria, Poland, Turkey and Norway, as well as on the basis of traineeship agreements approved by European organizations and companies. During the reported project the institution acted according to the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education and has used permanently the ECTS regulations for student mobilities. The objectives accorded to by signing the 2015-2016 Erasmus+ contract with the National Agency were fully accomplished, by full usage of the buget approved. The total accomplished number of 161 mobilities (149 student mobilities and 12 staff and teaching mobilities), in comparison with the estimated number of 138 mobiities to be achieved, finally leaded to a total allocation of funds summarizing 330.695 Eur. The outcome of the project showed a quantitative increase, in comparison with the previous project. The quantitative result of the project were also identified along the project in its internationalization process that leaded to the growth of the institution visibility at European level and on a punctual basis, to signing 3 new inter-institutional agreements with universities from Latvia, Belgium and Croatia. In order to achieve the expected objectives, it was necessary to identify the most doable type of mobility and to encourage the involvement in mobilities of disadvantaged persons (e.g. students). The aim was to sustain their professional development and increase the level of insertion in the labor market. The mobilities process was equally sustained by both institutional coordinators and faculty responsible persons. The election process was transparent, assuring an equal chance and eligibility for all candidates, according to current procedures and institutional regulations. Regarding the promotion of the reported project, in the past year there were a series of Erasmus + seminars (Erasmus+ Seminar, Erasmus + Online Open Doors, Erasmus + Day), as well as conferences that gathered students, along with staff and teaching personnel. The project activities were presented to institution members online (through the institution website, social-media platforms, institutional online communication channels, leaflets and posters) and through formal speech by the teaching personnel, during courses and seminars. The ongoing mobilities were first approved by all parties, in duly time, then the home institution, as well as the host one assured optimum conditions and guidance for the participants during mobilities (online monitoring, Online Linguistic Support, guidance and interviews). The positive feedback of the finalized mobilities concluded that the institution has kept the European recognition as an education provider and that the educational process is compatible with our European partners' ones. The dissemination of results involved the presentation of participants of their final reports during seminars, impact studies over the implementation level of the project and annual reports regarding current outcomes. All these aim to high line the strength points during the project, the long term results, along with further ways of action for future projects. The full absorption of funds was able due to the increase of the mobilities for traineeship, through 4 financial transfers that summarize an amount of 40.314 eur from teaching, staff, study mobilities and from the organisational support funds. The final budget used reached its current amount by adding to the approved budget a financial supplement from the National Agency of 26.775 eur.
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