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Higher education student and staff mobility project
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: Sep 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Erasmus+ Project forms a part of the institutional strategy of The Hotel and Business College (VŠOH) and it corresponds with the essentials strategic intentions of our organisation. It also significantly contributes to development and globalization of the college and helps its students, graduates and employees to build their personal and professional development and to assert themselves at the employment market in the Czech Republic and abroad. Consequently we are trying to promote the project and to increase the awarness of its possibilities to future participants. As for the number of students and employees the VŠOH is a rather minor organisation and therefore we can approach each of the participants individually and adress their problems and needs more effectively. This strategy is supported by the school’s centralized governing body and its high flexibility during the application of any changes. All students and employees of the VŠOH who fullfill the conditions for qualification can become participants of the project. We are trying systematically to support and motivate them strategically. We have introduced some new precautions in relation to overcoming language barriers, including the mobility in the final evaluation of the employees and support in the form of advertising the campaign continuously. We have also involved newcoming participants to the whole proces and we have offered them a superior background of an established istitution with a ten-year tradition and an individual approach. Regarding to these forms of support we have stabilized high interest of the mobilities and we have accomplished six mobilites altogether (two student mobilities and four employee ones) by which we have exceeded our plan by one mobility. On the other hand we have been dealing with many problems connected with antisemitism, racism and religious intolerance in the academic year 2015/2016. But regarding to the individual approach to the participants and to the school´s flexibility in applying changes we have easily solved the problems and profited from the experience. Furthermore, we have been convinced of the proper dealing with the problems by positive acceptance by the participants. We evaluate the project as a highly positive one. All the realised students‘ and employees´ mobilities have been successfully accomplished and all the participants have been satisfied with them. This fact has been mentioned in the conclusions of their final reports. In terms of mobilities we have successfully intensified the mutual cooperation between our school and the partner schools and built several new relationships by which we have enlarged the offer of host institutions for our mobilities. We have also managed to increase the interest in employees´ mobilities outside Slovakia and subsequently decrease the participants‘ fear of the language barrier. During the realization of the project VŠOH has obtained great experience both in the field of accepting foreign participants and in solving the national problems connected with it. From the long-term point of view the project contributed to greater internationalization of the study at VŠOH, to obtaining new foreign partners and to consolidating the relationship with the current ones. The results of the project are fully corresponding to the long-term strategy of VŠOH and therefore we would like to maintain the obtained experience and to continue executing more Erasmus+ projects in future.
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