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Higher education student and staff mobility project
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: Sep 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Context: our project aims at encouraging the mobility of the students within the framework of their degree course. Besides, he also tends to develop the exchange of educational practices with our partners inhabitant of Brussels and Chinese of Beijing. Objectives: quantitative: develop the number of applicants/candidates to Erasmus + exchanges Qualitative: develop and improve the visibility of our establishment on the continent; enrich him in his international dimension. Number and Profile of the participants: 26 students' European departures in post-baccalaureate. 24 beneficiaries OLS but only 14 profitable students of Erasmus+ grant training ; this year all in" international trade" formation with European reference table (other trainings Bts Communication and Bts Assistant de Gestion, did not participate this year). Ages between 18-20 years; mastering one-two (or more) foreigners languages - wishing to deepen them thanks to the work in a foreign unit and confronting with the requirements of the multicultural exchanges. Description of the activities: company internship of a minimal duration of 8 weeks extended in 9 weeks in any sectors. The activities are turned to the prospecting of clientele, thus the extension of the main activity of the company towards a third country (or outside the local market ). It's supposing the elaboration of BDD on a clientele clearly identified from defined selection criteria. The elaboration of commercial tools of prospecting; contacting the clientele by phone or the social networks. The animation of sales networks via exhibitions (or shows) or other professional demonstrations. Results(Profits): on 24 beneficiaries OLS - 1 only one withdrew from the training before the end of its internship for personal reasons. Other candidates realized their internship in globally satisfactory conditions. Some had to adjust the expectations of the foreign managers with that of the training. Some occupied offices functions and others very professional. Profits: a work and personal experience most of the time very enriching, and is regularly translated by job offers with indefinite title and constitutes a guarantee of employability. Also contribute to the transparency of certifications;

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