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Higher education student and staff mobility project
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: Sep 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

For some years now, the ENIB has been focusing on preparing its engineering students to work in a global context. To date, our school strongly encourages students to gain international experience. Indeed, future engineers will be exposed to growing competition regarding their intercultural skills. International mobility is now compulsory for every new student entering ENIB in 2016-2017. The ENIB developed its international activities in line with this specific context and offers to its students the possibility to go abroad as soon as the 2nd year of the preparatory cycle. This international action is based on a thoughtful choice of cooperation agreements (exchange or dual degrees) in accordance with the objectives of the training we provide for generalist engineers (in the fields of electronics, computer sciences and mechatronics). It also relies on a high number of strong industrial relationships, on the participation in networks which support student and teacher mobility and on solid cross-border collaborations in Research. This international dimension is increasingly present in the ENIB curriculum and was made easier by concrete measures: the introduction of ECTS to develop Erasmus exchanges, the adoption of semesters to provide flexibility and facilitate incoming and outgoing mobility, the obligation of a good proficiency in English (B2) as a requirement to obtain the engineering degree and the strong recommendation of at least 3-months international exposure. Regarding its geographical objectives, the ENIB continue to focus its efforts towards Europe (Germany, Spain, and Romania). The objectives for mobility activities aim, on the one hand, at increasing student and teaching mobility in Europe and, on the other, at improving the quality of multilateral collaborations between higher education institutions across Europe. The main goal is to strengthen existing Erasmus partnerships in the purpose of developing multilateral cooperation. Regarding internship mobility, the ENIB strives to develop much broader collaborations with European companies and higher education institutions. The school also urges students to undertake their internship abroad. In order to maximize the mobility opportunities, the school now allows students to complete their 4th year internship in a university research laboratory abroad. This measure is meant to consolidate and deepen existing partnerships and to open up propects for new exchange agreements. In 2015-2016, 28 students undertook an Erasmus+ mobility whether for an internship or for a study period of one semester or one year in the case of a dual degree. Most of the mobility flows are training mobility (19 SMP-P and 9 SMS-P), most of which are short-term internships (2 months in average). In the end, the teaching mobility originally planned did not happen this year due to incompatible shedules between ENIB and the different partners we targeted. We plan to realize a promotionnal campaign within our institution towards our administrative and teaching staff for international mobility.
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