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Higher education student and staff mobility project
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: Sep 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project Erasmus + offers our Higher Vocational College the added value in terms of practical training SMP - Student Mobility for Placement, mobility of staff STA and STT in EU institutions. Lifelong learning, as a principle of acquiring knowledge in various fields, to all of us and our participating institutions offer exchange and transfer of education for overall growth. The project Erasmus+ will also enable our organization and accelerate new forms of cooperation and to provide students and staff personal growth in the profession and social integration. The aim of cooperation in the project Erasmus + is: to provide the largest possible number of students and staff the opportunity to demonstrate its expertise in the external environment, enrich their knowledge in various fields. The aim of cooperation in the project Erasmus + is: to improve the quality of our own and also through the promotion of the project Erasmus+, to raise awareness of the community - we want to enrich the teaching and improve student experience gained in the course of practical training in companies. The aim of cooperation in the project Erasmus + is: we want to strengthen through mobility and cross-border cooperation - are constantly searching for new contacts and partnerships, and focus on the similarities of the curricular content. The aim of cooperation in the project Erasmus + is: to strengthen partnerships between education and the economy - we want to continue to develop cooperation with the economy in terms of exchange of knowledge, skills and experience. The aim of cooperation in the project Erasmus + is: to improve funding - we want to broaden the scope and opportunities in the project Erasmus+, depending on our financial capabilities. We actively join in to participate at the celebration of 30 years of Erasmus (1987-2017), to include our student with "sport status", in study program - Forestry and Hunting. The number and profile of participants: At the invitation of the project Erasmus+ we were collected seven (7) mobility; Two (2) SMP, Four (4) STA and one (1) STT. SMEs are successfully carried out two students from the 2nd year odf study: Program Forestry and Hunting and Mechanical Engineering program. STA has successfully conducted with four speakers - our lecturer: two from the program of Forestry and Hunting, one of the program Business Administrator, one of the Mechanical Engineering program. STT has successfully implemented with staff in Mechanical Engineering program. Project activities: after the signing of agreements between the institution and the National Agency, we immediately launched the tender for the project 2015-1-SI01-KA103-012317. The call involved a login for students and staff. Registration and promotion of the Erasmus+ project was carried out by the coordinator already at workshop hours of programs (first week of October 2015). By mid-November 2015, until the date of the tender has expired, we acquired two applications for student mobility SMP. Other requests were not coming in time. After the received applications we made a workshop "Erasmus+" for all students and staff - a workshop led Erasmus+ coordinator at the school. The two students, who were timely filed an application activity was focused on the implementation of the law, in its program, participation in the OLS and preparation of documentation. The time before students departure to practical training -april 2016, the activities move in the direction of the integration of the staff in the project Erasmus+. In agreement with our partner institutions, we have managed to agree on technical cooperation in the framework of the STA and STT. Most of our lecturers cooperate with us to form an additional job, which is why our mobility concentrated on neighboring countries, in days, to be established jointly with its parent institutions. All mobility goes very well and take place without any problems. Results and impact: we can be satisfied with the outcome of the project in 2015 - both student still cooperate with organizations that provide them SMP. One student also continue to work for them, one student is still in talks to upgrade cooperation in the context of apprenticeship. Mobility STT has brought us opportunities for cooperation in the Czech Republic Region Trebic, and its institutions. Mobility are enhanced cooperation between the Higher School of Postojna and Veleučilišče in Karlovac in Croatia, as the invited lecturer from abroad came to us as an external expert lectures and training in the preserve in the Tolmin region.
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