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Higher education student and staff mobility project
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: Sep 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The historical background of the project : The ENSA Normandie has experience of mobility since the 2007-2013 Erasmus Charter, before moving to Erasmus+. So, the institution has already done some student mobility for studies and traineeships, and staff mobility for teaching and traineeships. The number of mobilities was small at the beginning and has been stabilized at about 40, to preserve the balance of flows between outgoing students and students staying in school. The objective is maintaining the quality of education provided at school. As required in the Erasmus+ Charter, the ENSA Normandie has implemented its mobility actions only within the framework of Erasmus+ agreements concluded with the partner institutions. The objective : Student mobility for studies The Erasmus+ 2015 subsidy allowed 30 mobilities for studies, while 37 had been requested by the establishment according to the selection of the outgoing students in January 2014. A majority of these students are doing their mobility during the first year of the Master (19 students) and less during the 3rd year of the License (6 students) or the first semester of the second year of the Master (5 students). These figures correspond to the target set by ENSA Normandy of 1/3 to students at the License cycle and 2/3 during the Master cycle. Student mobility for traineeships The school had requested 2 mobilities for a total period of six months. L'ENSA Normandie has received mobilities for 4 months. Finally, the ENSA Normandie gave the benefit of this type of mobility to 4 students for a total period of 16 months. In terms of results for mobility studies, students have validated the number of required ECTS, except two students to who is lacking pproximately 3,5 ECTS. So they acquired knowledge different or complementary to those of the ENSA Normandie; it values their study program in the professional world. These students came back with a better self-confidence. During their period of mobility, they have developed their relational skills with people from other European countries and have gained in linguistic fluency. For mobility for traineeships : the ENSA Normandie is facing a growing number of requests for this type of mobility. The Institution has requested in the interim report an extra funding which has been given. The mobility of the students is mentioned in the supplement to the diploma, which promote the student’s progress to prospective employers. The recognition of mobility done in the host institution is made at the ENSA Normandie by means of feedback meetings with the candidates for the mobility. Staff mobility for teaching and traineeships : the grant agreement awarded a grant for the establishment for 3 staff mobilities. The funds were used for 3 staff mobility for traineeship, after an extra funding accorded. The staff mobility for teaching and traineeships has enabled educational exchanges with mutual sharing of experiences and cultures of the architectural project. Otherwise, these mobilities allowed one of the teachers to acquire a training on the pedagogy. The second teacher strengthened the pedagogical discussions on the questions of rehabilitation and development. The administrative officer discovered other media libraries. He has been trained on the archiving of the social networks and the e-learning.

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