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Higher education student and staff mobility project
Start date: Jun 1, 2014, End date: Sep 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project is aimed at students of the Higher Level Training Course for Administration and Finance. One student has been benefited, who has made a mobility for practices and another as a graduated, and also a teacher has undertaken a learning mobility. The students are at risk of social exclusion due to the low incomes of their families. IES Feria del Atlántico has been continuously developing European educational projects Erasmus (now KA103), since 2007 in addition to Leonardo (now KA 102), Comenius since 2003 and which is a central identity. European programmes have led to the internationalization of our institution. In this way the project goes beyond a professional training of students and teachers. We maintain an excellent relationship with companies in Italy (Tarkett, SpA, Umbria Risorse, SpA; Gal Ternano, SpA, etc.), the Netherlands (Anaco, Bv) for the training of our students and teachers in addition to other organizations and institutions in Geldern, Germany, Warsaw, Poland, Marseille and Todi, Italy, who collaborate in the establishment of new direct contacts with companies. With them we share initiative and enthusiasm for training and best practices establishing a collaborative relationship that has been maintained over the years. The mobilities that have been carried out with the companies Tarkett Spa and Umbria Risorsein Italy. Contact persons and responsible from the companies, Mrs. Elisa Severino of Tarkett SpA and Mr. Marcello Bigerna of Umbria Risorse, SpA, have extensive experience in European projects which ensured the success of their collaboration. Based on the selection criteria and having provided no other claimant student because the other student had to return to the country of origin due to family unemployment problems, after the period of publication of vacancies, he was awarded a mobility of entitled to the same student who conducted the mobility of practices José Alejandro Mesa Romero. Likewise, once published the vacancy to mobility of teachers, the mobility was awarded to the only applicant teacher, María Dolores Ramírez Cordero, of the administrative department and coordinator of European projects. Although initially intended to carry out the mobility training in a company in southern Italy Euroform finally, it took place in the Umbria region. Hence the difference in the distance and therefore the concept of travel grant. Prior to student mobility was granted a license OLS. He also received 44 training sessions under OS language of the Italian language outside of school hours in the afternoon in a period from December 2014 to March 2015. The departments of Biology and Geography taught cultural preparation classes of the host countries. In informative meetings previous to the mobility, the Erasmus letter was provided to the applicants and informed of the content and purpose, the appropriate steps to request the European health insurance card; they were asked liability insurance and accident with the European Insurance Company in addition to the autonomous community already has. The monitoring of the student has been carried out through coordination between the tutors and the host organization of origin. The student prepared and sent via email a weekly report with the activities undertaken, time spent, assistance received and difficulties encountered appropriately signed and sealed by the tutor in the host organization. Direct and immediate contact was maintained through Whatsapp and via email. The evaluation corresponded to the educational team, guardian of home and host and coordinator of the project by the standards published. The professor presented a preliminary program of the development of its activities. The monitoring was conducted via electronical or telephone reporting on the achievement of its program. On his return he presented the certificate of the company with the detail of the activities performed during his mobility. It fell to the director and the coordinator of the positive evaluation of his mobility. Participants have achieved the objectives of improving their professional qualifications and language skills. The student has also managed to improve the accessibility to basic labour market for incorporation into our Canarian Autonomous Region. Both received the recognition of the skills acquired through the Europass supplement in addition to the certifications of mobility of each company. Results were disseminated in panels and center web, Facebook, exposing satisfaction and recommendations of participants' experiences to students and families and information to the Staff meeting. Given the impact of results it is expected an increase of applications.
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