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Higher education student and staff mobility project
Start date: Jun 1, 2014, End date: Sep 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Context and background of the project: The project is developed in a Secondary School with deep roots in vocational training, which is considered a reference center in the region. The center is located in a rural area whose economic activity is based on agriculture, services and construction sectors. The economy of the region has been hard hit by the economic crisis, which is still immersed. This circumstance makes the vast majority of our students this project is an opportunity to travel and to add value to their studies, as would otherwise be impossible to make an experience like this. This is the third year our center involved in the project, although it is the first time that has been made mobilities as the two preceding years was not possible to develop them, not for lack of interest on our part but by lack of cooperation from companies in the first case and lack of commitment of the host company in the second. This year, finally, there have been two successful granted mobilities. Objectives: The main objective is that our students are aware of the administrative work environments, electronic and construction industries in other countries of the European Union, as this will help them adapt to the demands of the labor market at Community level, acquire specific skills and improve understanding of the economic and social environment of the country, while gaining work experience. Modernize higher education systems so that our senior technicians in vocational training can play a vital role in the Europe of Knowledge, facing the challenges of globalization and develop the knowledge, skills and competences of Europeans to be innovative and competitive. Stimulate student mobility. Number and profile of participants: In our center we have four Higher Grade Vocational Training. Students enrolled in these studies have included the following features: Students motivated, responsible, interested in meaningful learning and involvement in it. All this due in part to its immediate qualification that will allow them entry into the labor market. Interested students have been several, but only two have been able to make the FCT through an Erasmus +, which is the number that was granted us mobility. There are two students who have completed cycles Project Building and Civil Works Project. These families belong to lower-middle income. These are students who have demonstrated a good use of their studies which is reflected in their good academic results, and for this project means, without any doubt, a great value in training. Description of the activities carried out. The group of teachers who have undertaken this project perform the following functions: - Students were informed and advised, given the mobility forecast for your request. -Seleccionamos Two students, taking into account the following criteria: academic record, language training, attitude and motivation of the student. - In which the tasks are shown inter-institutional agreement formation containing the training program was conducted and responsibilities student in the target company mobility. - Host a guardian was appointed. - Pre-mobility tasks were performed: travel arrangements, making contact with the different companies, we realized a previous visit in which students present, and collaborate with students in search of stay and travel to country of destiny. FCT -Preparamos documents: Weekly tab sheet student assessment and valuation report. -Finally Development practices by our two students in the host company is supervised. Results and impact. Students are satisfied with the experience both academically and personally. The company has been very welcoming both in treatment and in the training provided to the children. At the end of practice the company issued a certificate collecting the functions performed by the students in the development of mobility. In the center it has publicized this experience through the website. This year, we have more students interested in good part by the lived experience and disseminated by our two Erasmus students. Another consequence of the development of this project is the participation in this course K102 Formative project for intermediate vocational.
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