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Higher education student and staff mobility project
Start date: Jun 1, 2014, End date: Sep 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In the 2014-2015 37 students were arrived at the KSBS. According to the nationality, the students? combination is relatively stable for years. In this academic year 11 students arrived from France, 17 students from Turkey, 7 students from Spain, 1-1 student from Estonia and Lithuania. A week after the start of semester one Turkish student left her studies for personal reasons. As in previous years most of our incoming students learned business sciences and only a few students were interested in political sciences and international studies or communication and media sciences. In the future one of KSBS?s main objectives will be to publicize these disciplines among the incoming students as the college has got great-quality personal and technical conditions for the education. Based on the number of recognized credits the incoming students? activity meets our expectations as they perform an average of 28-32 credits per semester. To acquire competences and to encourage the learning of foreign languages our college supports starting Hungarian language courses under the E+ program. Some Erasmus students study the Hungarian language at our college for four months insistently and successfully. The KSBS pays attention to the students? leisure activities, encourages the students to get involved in the college?s ?everyday life?. The students are invited to all the scientific and cultural events organized by the college. Before the start of each semester, KSBS sends its updated Course Catalogue to the partner institutes thus the students may get some opportunities to choose among the courses carefully. In order to foster an even better relationship with incoming students the college organizes and provides participation of incoming students? representative on regular meetings with Erasmus-management. The new system will help the quick information-flow that increases effectiveness of learning and contributes to spend free time in a much useful way. In the academic year the number of teachers visiting KSBS was 6. Colleagues gave high-quality lectures for our Hungarian and foreign students. In the academic year under the Staff Mobility Program 4 colleagues arrived at KSBS. The colleagues? professional program included the review of different organizational tasks of the first instance in the Erasmus+ program and furthermore the job of Study Department and Erasmus Office, their operation mechanism. In the 2014-15 12 students participated in E+ Learning Mobility Program. This number is almost constant for year to year. We are currently investigating the reasons why we don?t manage to mobilize the students more efficiently. The KSBS professes the High Educational Institutes need to encourage the students? the learning mobility because it develops their professional knowledges, improves their competency, their adaptability to life. Our outcoming students are supported by our Erasmus Office in selection of institution, in preparing of their LA. The students are expected to accomplish at least 25-30 ECTS per semester. The college intends to accept all credits that were completed by students at the receiving institution. In the academic year 4 teachers of the KSBS taught at partner universities under Teaching Mobility. The work-programs were successful with one exception. In that case our colleague found closed the receiving university. Before the visit the teaching agreement was signed and approved by institutional coordinator. This case was announced to the National Agency. KSBS was not able to increase the number of the staff mobility. In our opinion the reason is the lack of language skills. In 2014-15 we managed to increase the number of our bilateral relations, 4 institutions are newly involved & these relations are already operative. KSBS firmly believes that its continuous participation in the Erasmus + Program and the other steps taken for the internationalization of the college contribute to advancing the modernization of the college and ensure its long-term competiveness and presence in the European higher education market. In order to further profit from the positive outcomes internationalization, KSBS strives to accomplish the followings: - Inform and involve an increasing number of our students, teachers and staff in the Erasmus+ Program. - Increase the competitiveness of our students through the successful implementation of Erasmus program. In the future our college in tends to lay a greater emphasis on accomplishing more Erasmus training program to increase the competitiveness off our students - Carry out an increased number of mobility and cross-border cooperation projects in order to further enhance the quality of our education. - Our objective is to retain and foster the international reputation of our institution. In the future we clearly must emphasize the importance of monitoring and evaluating as regards the educational and researching program of KSBS in international context as well.
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