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Archive of European Projects

„High School High Tech Scoala viitorului”
Start date: 01 Aug 2014, End date: 31 Jul 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

A. The second institution in size of Vrancea High School education system, “Edmond Nicolau” Technical College adapts its curriculum to the development of the educational strategies in Romania by the introduction of the tablet in the teaching-learning process. With this in view, the teachers’ professional training involves developing digital skills to use the new communication technologies, computer, tablet, Ipad in lesson planning, in cross-curricular activities, in preparing students for competitions, contests, national exams. “High School High Tech School of the Future” project lasts from August the 1st , 2014 till July the 31st , 2016 and its training course is “Tap-swipe-pinch about the use of tablets in education” which is organized by Euneos Finland Company between 26thand31st of October 2014, 15th and 20th of March 2015, 25th and 30th of October 2016. B. The aims of the project: - to train competent teachers who can use the tablet during the class - to develop teachers’ digital, intercultural, English communication skills - to improve the quality of the teaching-learning activities through modern methods and strategies of using the tablet - to internationalize the institution through multinational partnerships C. Participants: 9 teachers who teach foreign languages, science, technological subjects, mathematics, IT. They prepare students for the baccalaureate exam and need to: - create interactive exercises, adapt video and audio files to produce and understand written and oral messages, use blogs for creative activities, make media presentations on culture and civilization topics - simulate physics experiments, chemical reactions and anatomic models - introduce the tablet in mecatronics, computer science and computer-aided design, use Android operating systems to prototype hardware and software robots - use mathematical software to solve problems and exercises, to prove theorems D. Description of activities - launching the call for candidacies - appointing a selection committee and selecting the participants - appointing the project management committee - signing the partnership agreement - signing the convention between the high school legal representative and participants - preparing for mobility according to specialization: cultural and intercultural preparation – foreign language teacher, linguistic preparation by PFA, SRL; labour security and protection – high school respondent, an IT teacher – using the Internet for long distance communication: Facebook, Skype, videoconferences. - training mobilities: participants’ self-assessment, monitoring and final evaluation by trainers, acknowledging acquired skills through certificate and Europass Mobility - dissemination of results by teachers, students, parents, Vrancea local authorities, education institutions, teachers’ associations, ONGs, Radio Dada, Atlas TV, Vrancea Newspaper, Vrancea Monitor, Euneos partner, ANPCDEFP National Agency - project website, Erasmus+ site - participant’s activity reports, final report - methodology of using and implementing the tablet, Ipad in education - guide book of procedures - comprehensive brochure - fliers - board of project promotion - informative meetings with students and parents - media presentations and debates in teachers’ councils, teachers’ methodical committees, the European programs high school committee, the local teachers’ meetings - curriculum for a training course and workshops with the high school teachers - newspaper articles, radio and TV programs - video materials placed on the project and high school site, Youtube - ending the project, its evaluation through the number of participants and organized events, activity and financial reports and preparation of future activities. E. The methodology used is based on providing management through results, establishing the project aims and of its accomplishment deadlines, settling the monitoring and assessing procedures, the implementation of innovation in education F. The impact of the project -on participants: developing not only digital and linguistic skills but also cultural, intercultural, civic and social ones, acquiring new teaching-learning methods and strategies by using the tablet, the Ipad, and the applications, familiarizing with European education systems, increasing motivation for professional development and European cooperation -on students: developing digital and communicative skills by photo/video editing, visual literacy skills, ways of expression through media, techniques of critical analysis of the media output, greater autonomy in learning. -on institution: increasing the institutional capacity of implementing innovation using the tablet, increasing competition, developing the European dimension and improving the performance standards.
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