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High School Drop Outs:'One is Too Many'
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Early school leaving is a multi-faceted and complex problem caused by a cumulative process of disengagement. It is a result of personal, social, economic,education or family-related reasons. Schools play an important role in addressing ESL but they cannot and should not work in isolation. Reducing ESL can help towards the integration of young people into the labour market, and contribute to breaking the cycle of deprivation that leads to the social exclusion of too many young people. Reducing the average European rate of early school leavers to less than 10% by 2020 is one of the education headline targets of the Europe 2020 Strategy. Investment in the educational achievement of young people is essential for the employment prospects of every young person. In this Project High Schools from all over Europe prepared a strategic partnership and they will co operate to tackle this problem at grass roots level: by analyzing the problem and improving education atmosphere in term of; social activities, student teacher ,student school ,students society,student-parent, parent-school relations. The main objective of this project is to find new methods for increasing motivation and creating more supportive school environments to decrease the number of student dropouts. Project activities will include the exchange of the information, sharing and analyzing best-practice models; comparing them and adapting them to each partner’s own activities and environment .Our project activities are aimed to reduce ESL by establishing conditions for successful learning for all the students. Students should feel comfortable and supported, feel ownership of their own learning and can engage in the life of their school community. This is important both for the emotional, social and educational development of the pupil and for the overall governance of the institution. As a condition of successful learning, teachers need to strengthen their role as facilitators of learning. They need autonomy, time, and space for innovation, teamwork, feedback, self-reflection and evaluation. They need access to enhanced opportunities for continued professional development. We mostly targeted students with fewer opportunities in order to provide them with the missing opportunities they haven’t acquired by educational system so far. So our target group is who will be detected as being in danger of drop out. We also include parents of the students under the risk of drop out and teachers who need guidance about methods to deal with the students who has drop out risk as target group. In long term we aimed to disseminate the project all the related people and organization who has a role in students 'educational and social life . They are; teachers, families, peers, other organizations leading the same type of activity, local schools in each partner school’s area, local authorities, European authorities by the help of European partners, public, wider life learning community, decision-makers at local, regional, national and European level. We believe that our project results will have long term effects on economy and society with the help of dissemination activities.
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