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High-capacity hydrogen-based green-energy storage solutions for grid balancing (INGRID)
Start date: Jul 1, 2012, End date: Jun 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

INGRID introduces and demonstrates the usage of safe, high-density solid-state hydrogen storage systems as an effective energy vector to balance the grid also by powering off-grid applications, thus enabling a smart balance between variable green energy sources supply and the grid demand. To reach its ambitions objective, the INGRID project will focus on:• The usage of new hydrogen solid-state storage technology ,as safe and high-density energy storage systems, to be integrated in a closed loop coupled with water electrolyzers and fuel cell systems to achieve a high efficiency regenerative loop.• Decentralized power generation and energy distribution architectures (interconnecting infrastructure, dispensing technology, transmission system) based on effective rapid and safe hydrogen-based energy storage/deliver solutions capable to accept and manage any RES fluctuation and variability;• Advanced ICT solutions for intelligent Simulation and Energy Management System (EMS) able to correctly simulate, manage, monitor, dispatch energy in compliance with the power request of the grid, allowing a correct balance between variable energy supply and demand and simulate .• Perform limited demonstrative scaled-down test case for assessing the storage system’ high balancing capabilities in presence of high variable electricity demand consisting in a small pilot version of a green urban mobility system integrating conventional public transport designed to be self-sustainable.

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