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Start date: May 1, 2016, End date: Jul 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

When making a decision on the theme of the project we had many views and topics in mind such as poverty. The theme's that were considered were all very interesting and powerful however we felt as a team that there is no topic or theme at the moment as relevant on a global scale as migration, inequality and human rights . The title of this project is " One for All, All for One". The objective of this project is for all participants to become aware of the topic of migration and human rights to understand each cultures experience of these topics both historically and at present, there will also be platforms available for participants to explore solutions and develop an active citizenship programme that they can take back to their countries. We feel the topic affects all participating countries presently and this exchange is fully committed to providing a safe non-judgmental environment which allows an opportunity for experiences and views of other cultures when it comes to migration and human rights. This project will engage .people of those being young people aged between 15-17 years. These young people will come from Ireland, Belgium,Norway and Malta. The young people that are chosen to take part in this project will firstly have to express an interest and then will go through an interview process. The young people who we feel have the capacity to commit to such a long programme/project and most importantly will benefit most from taking part in this exchange will be given this opportunity. These young people that are selected will take part in weekly sessions which will prepare them for the youth exchange and will empower them to have the capacity to engage positively. During these sessions the participants will have an opportunity to develop an understanding of migration and human rights which will develop projects that will be a part of the exchange such as the cultural nights.When deciding on the venue we took into consideration access, safety and welcoming for such a large group. As a project we feel it is of huge importance that we would be able to take ownership of the venue, with our own areas exclusively to the project. That we would have access to all the facilities exclusively to our groups when required for workshops and other activities, we wanted a venue were the staff had experience with working with such large groups and were friendly towards all participants and of course the costing of such a large event with so many young people on the go. After researching several venue's we have decided that Killary in Co. Galway would be an ideal venue as they provided us with the answers to all above questions and we feel confident that they can follow through on these answers as we have used this venue many times now.There will be workshops each morning based on non formal learning to be followed by team building activities provided by the professional staff of Killary. The workshops will be based around our theme as outlined in our exchange timetable which is attached with this application form. The process for the workshops is a non formal method. There will also be presentations on all partners’ countries and their experiences and understandings of migration and humanitarism. There will also be team building games and sporting activities to promote team work and interaction with each other. The interaction is a big aspect for the theme in question, as the young people will have to rely on each another. Each organization will present a cultural evening. The programme will be conducted in a non formal setting which will allow for the young people to engage openly with each other and through discussions, team building and sporting activities, allowing their strengths to come through, at different times. There will be forty young people participating in the project and nine leaders. The young people will be mixed into four groups, containing members from each country in all groups with a gender balance. The partners for the project are ..........., Norway and Malta and the host Ireland. As facilitators of workshops which are apart of the exchange one of our main objects is to draw from the experience of the participants and to plant seeds through information and advice. The young people through their active participation learning from experience and reflection on experience are better aware of immigration issues if they were to arise in the future for themselves or others.

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