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Híd a kultúrák között- Bridging the Gap
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The proposed project has been realized, including the goal of integrating the Hungarian and British National curriculums in such a way that they are beginning to be seamlessly cohesive. This goal is an integral part of the realization of our bilingual school; it is essential to the style and manner in which we serve our students and parents and also the wider community around us in Budapest. By having realized our three main objectives as follows: 1) training both native and non-native English speaking staff in a two-fold approach, having imbued our non-native speaking staff with more confidence in their command of the English language through their experience of British and Irish culture and approaches to education, while at the same time having taken our native English speaking staff, and a few select high level (non-native) English speaking staff and having applied them towards the objective of retraining in methodology and specific course content learning in the classroom. 2) Having given our Hungarian staff at our school a better appreciation for the methodology and the application of the British national curriculum, which was implemented by our international staff. 3) Having allowed them to have the appropriate background knowledge of the ways and means of the other half of the school curriculum and our advanced Hungarian staff being enabled in having shepherded the lower level staff in using the methodology and curriculum based implementation in the classroom. The native speaking staff gained the appropriate training to provide support within their classroom and within the overall school structure. We believe that we have begun to achieve this goal, and have created the synergy through drawing together members of both sides of the staff, thereby having created a set of common expectations for the continued excellence of student performance. Our decision to send seven members of our staff reflects the seriousness which we are took this goal; as it comprised slightly less than one-sixth of our full-staff which allowed us the flexibility to train other members of our faculty, each time they returned, and covered all departments evenly allowing us to quickly implement our objectives, and sufficiently cover our needs in terms of the implementation of the overall goal. By creating an English and Hungarian language school newsblog, we have encouraged our students and staff to contribute in a meaningful and literary sense to our school community, and to the community at large, through the encouragement of writing skills, participation in projects, and creativity. Our online art exhibition encouraged our students to share their work with others, transcend the language barriers, and find others in their community with like-minded artistic skills and desires. The English language culture week provided our participants with the opportunity to showcase what they have learned while in the UK or Ireland in integrating our English and Hungarian backgrounds, while the school e-twinning opened up new horizons for integrating our own two curriculums, at the same time having opened our regional and EU experiences and gave us invaluable partnerships and continued support in our English language improvement. The results are being evaluated and disseminated to our staff at school through trainings by each of the participants for the other members of staff, by updating our methodology in the international and Hungarian classrooms, by sharing our experiences and expectations of improvement amongst staff and our parent/student community, and including all of the residual and osmotic occurrences of good ideas and improving our delivery of material in the classroom. By signing on for a one year commitment towards the implementation of our goal, we have dedicated ourselves to creating long-term benefits for our community and our school. We are implementing the objectives through our stated activities, taking great care in making sure that all the students at our school are provided with an opportunity to participate and to better themselves, while helping our staff and parents alike to better understand how our bilingual curriculum is the best program for their children in Budapest, because of the dedication to the implementation and integration of a truly modern and successful method of education for their children.
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