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Hey kids, enjoy your life @ school. Creative practical examples for motivating students

The aim of our project was to find creative activities and other suggestions in order to increase motivation at school. Even though we come from different cultures and countries, Belgium, Cyprus and France, our schools have common problems, concerns, and targets. Firstly, we asked the students to give their opinion about the current situation in our schools and then suggest how schools can be motivating for them. Initially, we all worked on producing a questionnaire that was written in English and translated in the three languages of the participating schools. The questionnaire was given to almost all of our students and was divided into four parts: 1. Perceptions about school life, 2. Life in a classroom, 3. Organization of the school and 4. Activities. Through the questionnaire as well as the discussions, the students pointed out what they considered as motivating activities in our schools and proposed some new creative and innovating activities. Thus, we produced a list with suggestions on how the school environment and actions can be motivating for the students.All these suggestions and ideas were exchanged among the participating schools. During the second phase of the project every school decided which suggestions to put into practice. Each school implemented different suggestions. At the end of each year of the project and at the end of each activity, the faculty and the students of each school evaluated the project and discussed the successfulness of the introduced activities. Based on the results of the questionnaire and the implemented suggestions, a database was created with suggestions for motivating the students. This includes description, pictures and some videos of the activities, presentations about the statistical analysis of the questionnaire, and some other actions of the partnership. All these were posted on the project web page and in the final product (DVD) to be used in the future by our schools as well as other schools in Europe.
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