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Hey Girl, Hey Boy!
Start date: Sep 7, 2009,

Our TC provided information on the topic of gender equality, increased awareness on the different cultures present at the TC and helped the participants to discover diversities in gender stereotypes in relation to culture. The project also provided tools and methods to promote mutual understanding, equality, solidarity and justice related to this topic. An overview of the YIA programme and the opportunities it offers was also given.Every day the participants got together into small reflection groups and evaluated the completed day. The following day's activities or methods were sometimes changed or modified according to the outcomes of the participants' reflection groups. The English participant of CVS and enterprise North had to cancel her participation due to family mourning whilst the 2 Lebanese Participants of Progressive Youth were not awarded visas by the Authorities concerned due to reasons not too clear to us. One of the Moldovan participants of Partnership for Development and another one from Greece (NGO K.A.NE.) were stopped at the respective airport borders because of the diagnosis of the Swine Influenza! The English organisation was replaced by the Lithuanian Organisation of TDM 2000 LT Trio; (Part III attached to annex), the missing Greek participant was replaced by an Italian participant living in Antalya and the other participants were replaced by Maltese and Albanian Members of TDM 2000 MALTA (Host organisation). These changes happened within the last week before the Training Course and so our options were limited.These changes were made with the approval of the EUPA and did not affect any of the final costs of the project as approved in the contract!

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