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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Also in agricultural initiatives, will be more gainful production made in what areas, the value of the product obtained, production costs surpass how to ensure, recorded the events that can be expressed in money in the business, elimination results in a specific order of the records and understood by analyzing examined these results. However changes in the accounting records of the majority of agricultural initiatives in our country are holding enough. The most important reasons for industries are the lack of information and awareness elements who keep accounting records in this topic. Registration process is usually carried out by agricultural initiatives in the agricultural vocational school graduates. Held acceptable analysis cannot be done at the end of the registration process is very detailed. Who will train the trainers in vocational training institutions that educate business owners by providing training trainers in professional education Adult Education Centre, which is of great status. In developed countries effective in the industrial and service sectors as well as business and accounting practices in agricultural initiatives is of great importance as a business function. In this context, the EU member states implemented since 1965 Farm Accountancy Data Network "(FADN) system is comprehensive and a good example in terms of expressing the importance of agriculture accounting. On the other hand the US mainly in Canada, Australia and New Zealand as countries in the agricultural initiatives in the highly developed and accepted widely used in agricultural business records and accounting system that companies and utilities are engaged in, the annual accounting results of the company existing test beyond that operate their own retail business organization is a question of comparing working results based on continuous recording. Such data that can be obtained with the accounting records and applied in developed countries have an infrastructure, business analysis, made possible in the planning, as well as it can also be said of the creation of rational and successful agricultural policy. Due to the numerous benefits management business, especially in production for the market, specialized, principal escaping Agricultural Accounting application for all agricultural initiatives, mainly engaged in the manufacturing intensive agricultural initiatives is becoming an impossible requirement. Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN) (Which is using the name of the EU), the financial and economic data on the farm in a way that enables the collection of detailed and is a system used across the EU. The European Union is actively joins in this system about 80 thousand farmers, as well as themselves and benefit the agricultural sector from the system. The data collected is to pay to the decision making process of farmers and government. Improved conclusion making process, providing profitability and competitiveness of the formation of a stronger than on farms with high agricultural sector. Who has long been successfully applied in EU countries FADN's work for the creation of our country under the EU coordination process is continuing since 2007. Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry carried out by the Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN) project, is being implemented through 239 businesses in Konya, there are some limitations of the system. In our country, farm accounting records of the payment system and should be expanded. With this project, as trainers in the Agricultural School and Adult Education Centre order is aimed at technical personnel trained in farm accounting. Farm accounting system to be obtained abroad in the EU country where successful implementation achievements vocational school students, will be transferred to the company. "Account in Agriculture", Konya Directorate Of Provincial Food Agriculture And Livestock and local partners from the teachers and technical personnel, FADN system examined over an EU country that practices that implement successfully obtained in the gains in the agricultural sector, farmers and who will work in the future farm beginner to transfer will be made. The project will be noted for their successful application in the FADN in Netherlands. Below the project, in July 2016, one week (7 days) will be held for a period of mobility, will participate in a total of 16 people. Mobility, STICHTING DIENST LANDBOUWKUNDIG ONDERZOEK (DLO) Agricultural Economics Research Institute in the Netherlands will be apprehended in institutions.
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