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HERMES - Health-Environment-Risk Managers Educational Support

The HERMES project will establish a network of Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) Managers with the aim of improving existing industry skill levels, and further increasing potential for access for those considering entry to the SHE sector.Three major elements comprise the HERMES project, these are: an internet-based forum for the exchange of information (with a case-study database and discussion groups on 'hot' issues) to be referred to as the HERMES Forum; internet-based training modules for environmental-health-safety-risk-fire protection managers, to be referred to as Standard Modules and the HERMES Bulletin (a quarterly professional publication for SHE Managers).Actual activities include the development of a dedicated project website (to be known as the 'gate'), development of teaching materials for the standard training modules, publication of the training modules via the internet (encouraging distance learning) and eventual establishment of the HERMES network of SHE Managers to support the sector across both existing partner countries and beyond.The target group for the end product will be all those in the sector wishing to expand their knowledge and expertise and to share their own experience through the exchange of case studies, methods of good practice and other useful information (HERMES Forum) and through use of the Bulletin and modules developed. The tools will support those considering entry to the sector, in addition to those currently within the sector considering self-employment and/or consultancy.
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