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HERMES – Health - Environment - Risk Managers Educational Support, Phase II.

The proposal builds on and values the previous project HERMES – Health Environment Risk Managers Education Support which created an innovative web-based training and information tool for industry and students, th topic being European legislation on environment. It developed a training programme as e-learning. This project aims at further developing the former product and at integrating five new countries: the three baltic countries, Ireland and Portugal. The major activities shall comprise the setting up of an Internet platform integrating the demands and languages of the new five countries, the further development of the HERMES products, an updating with new strategies and legislation, the development of new training modules, testing. The results of this proposal shall be an e-learning platform on the Internet with nine training modules (seven based on HERMES I), in EN, PL, PT, Est., Latv., Lith..The target groups are environmental managers, public administration, students. Valorisation shall be done by contacting companies and ministries, by publishing articles, by piloting. The project results shall have an impact on students, teachers and managers by improving their experience in applying the new systems.
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