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Heritage and Maritime Memories in the 2 seas Region (HMS)
Start date: Dec 31, 2007, End date: Jun 29, 2012 PROJECT  FINISHED 

HMS wants to establish a solid crossborder partnership, to jointly improve, develop and promote the common maritime heritage and shared history in the 2 Seas area. Together, these maritime heritage organisations from all four countries of the area wish to contribute to the growth and competitiveness of the 2 seas area.The 30 partners form a tight, diverse and complementary network of maritime heritage actors with a common crossborder identity, and range from local authorities, museums and attractions to small-sized organisations working with voluntary groups. Partners will focus on ensuring physical access to maritime heritage, via conservation activities, but also providing accessibility and up-to-date visitor facilities. The interpretation of maritime heritage by diverse audiences will be addressed via attractive and multi-lingual information and guides. Partners will also raise awareness of maritime heritage by organising events such as cross-border maritime exhibitions or sea shanty festivals. Expected Results: What are the key results of the project?Activity 1Joint portal website25 maritime heritage sites improved in terms of access, visitor facilities, conservation10 maritime heritage stories or interviews delivered1 study tourActivity 2Joint portal website27 maritime heritage sites improved in terms of interpretation, evocation or visitor information10 maritime heritage stories or interviews delivered1 study tourActivity 3Joint portal website1 touring cross-border photo exposition to be presented in the 4 regions,2 linked exhibitions on the history of the Channel and on piracy/privateers,1 major event on the history of 125 years' of coastal tram in Flanders,4 editions of the 'guide des fêtes de la Mer et de l'eau',3 linked festivals on maritime culture and sea shanties in Blankenberge en Breskens,3 exchanges of traditional folk groups per year, 1 maritime art exhibition10 maritime heritage stories or interviews delivered1 study tourAre all partners and territories benefitting from the results?a) target groups:-The network partners and their staff, who can share best practices, learn from each other and unite forces in joint development and promotion of maritime heritage products-smaller organisations, who will profit from the experience of larger, more experienced partners, in European territorial cooperation and innovation in maritime heritage sitesb)final beneficiaries:-the residents of the project area who will (re)-discover their local and regional heritage and who will get a stronger sense of identity and local belonging. These residents will also profit from the economic benefits of investing in maritime heritage as tourist destinations (employment, flourishing of tourism)-tourists to these maritime destinations, will experience a more attractive visitor offer while visiting the high quality maritime heritage destinationsBenefits for the territory:-renewed innovative presentations and higher accessibility of maritime heritage attracting more visitors even in the long term-Cooperation between project partners , improving knowledge and expertise and developing new products-Cross-border meetings allow project partners to network with similar partners in other countries (eg museums exchanging art or other exhibits for temporary exhibitions) creating a more diverse art and cultural offer beyond the project boundaries.What are the effects / outcomes for the territories involved?There will be better knowledge of maritime heritage in the project area, a higher quality cultural tourism offer will attract more visitors, increased visitor numbers will encourage entrepreneurs to start their own business in the hospitality trade, there will be a boost to the tourist economy due to increased visitor numbers, the project will increase awareness of maritime heritage amongst local populations, including children, and will give community members a greater sense of identity, history and local belonging, providing a boost to the community spirit.The inhabitants will have an enhanced ‘sense of identity and local belonging’ whilst helping the cross-border area to achieve innovative development of maritime heritage sites and contribution to the competiveness and growth of the cross-border area (quality of sites and tourism).The themes and activities developped within this project all tackle maritime issues: coastal tourism, history and heritage of the sea and the coast.
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  • 2007 - 2013 2 SEAS (FR-UK-BE-NL)
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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