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Here I am: New active citizens for a wider European identity
Start date: Dec 1, 2013,

Given immigrants’ growing numbers and their expanding role in the economic, social, and cultural life of nations across the globe and in Europe, HERE I AM Evs project aims at promoting, through volunteering, social integration and active citizenship of a particular vulnerable group represented by youngsters with migrant background. The project will reach its goal by tackling the migration issue from different points of view. On one hand sending organizations have been asked to give priority, in the selection process, to youngsters with migrant background: at least 14 out of 25 volunteers should belong to the migrants target group. On the other hand all volunteers will be engaged in a wide variety of activities, lasting 9 months, dealing in general with marginalized people (unemployed youngsters, people living in rural or poor areas, disabled or elderly people, orphans) and some of them will offer a particular focus on migrants or refugees. Also the geographic scope of the project has been determined by the main project’s goal. HERE I AM project has been planned to engage EU countries (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Estonia, France, Greece) at different levels, destinations of immigrants, as well as SEE (Macedonia) and Northern African Countries (Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt) from where the EU quite often receives immigrants or asylum seekers. The idea behind the project is also the one of making young migrants volunteering within the European borders, by offering them the chance of developing a stronger sense of belonging to the EU and, at the same time, to make non migrant volunteers getting to know in a deeper way the particular socio-political conditions in which are living Northern African countries. We believe that in 2013, European Year of Citizenships, it is not possible to avoid dealing with young immigrants, who should be seen as new citizens whose social inclusion is fundamental for a successful social growth and a new identity of the whole Union.
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