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Start date: Jan 2, 2015, End date: Oct 2, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The researches coming from Europe and the data collected in our country show a high rate of youth unemployment. It is not only an economical problem, it's getting a social one too, because we see how this situation affects also behaviours and attitudes of many unemployed youngsters: losing motivation, self-esteem, wasting competences. Through our project we wanted to fight this process providing young people of inputs to discover their motivation, sense of initiative, develop their creativity and their skills, tools for self-development and to be more ready in job market. The Youth Exchange, organised by Associazione Agrado,took place in Vinci (FI)- Italy, from 28th of July to 6th of August 2015 and saw 25 participants from 15 to 23 years old + 6 Team-leaders + 1 support educator. The countries involved were: Italy, Portugal, Spain, Estonia and Turkey. Our work was investigating the 5 countries good practices on youth sense of initiative and creativity; then we working on motivating, discovering and enhancing the participant competences related with sense of initiative and job (creativity, awareness on own limits and values, stress management, problem solving, team-work and cooperation,..). These are the phases: 1. Knowing each other and create team-spirit. 2. Cultural acknowledgment and sharing: Examples of youth sense of initiative and creativity in each of the 5 countries (starting from the preliminary work of the 5 groups: interviews, videos,...): discussion and reflection. 3. Motivation support and experiential Building of social, entrepreneurial, job related competences; Building a frame: Simulations, exercises, games about job competences, communication, democratic processes, inclusion, creativity; 4. Common decision about the “actions” to put in practice in Vinci to involve the citizenship in the “ACD day”; 5. Arranging the ACD activities and the open dinner to share the project results with the local community. 6. Evaluation of the exchange and personal evaluation- gained skills; Feed- back for the future. Follow up ideas 7. Post exchange Evaluation. MAIN OBJECTIVES: -Let participants discover their own skills, competences, creativity and self-efficacy through presentations, simulations, tasks, games and other non -formal activities; - Make them work on successfull experiences of youth who successfully developed their creativity and sense of initiative into projects, firms, activities- The value of the good examples; - Suggest an active attitude towards the problems and search creative solutions which can support them in tackling obstacles in job market, and/or that can develop an entrepreneurial attitude - Promote the encounter, the friendship, the exchange among participants with different traditions and cultures to facilitate the construction of an European Citizenship based on respect, tolerance and inclusion; - Develop and spread non formal and informal education methodologies, and competences: METHODOLOGIES: The activities we proposed were mainly Team building games, video sessions, games to get reflections on the topics, good practices sharing, excursions, reflex groups, intercultural evenings and creative actions/activities in the ACD day The non- formal methodologies we used are based on “learning by doing”, an experiential learning that cannot exist without the action and that see the learning as a spiral process. RESULTS AND IMPACT ENVISAGED: We foresaw a very deep impact,as it happened: increasing awareness of participants competences and skills and of their active role (spirit of initiative/entrepreneurship): we believe that participants even in a so short time made a step ahead in their process of building self-confidence and sense of self-efficacy, fundamental skills in life and job. Moreover also a great impact arising from the contact with peers from different countries. It always causes a positive “inner revolution” (breaking prejudices, finding curiosity for different cultures and for European mobility, tolerance and sense of European citizenship and brotherhood). For the participating organisations it was an important chance to share tools and methods and to ensure international cooperation in Youth field on the basis of trust, experience and liability. Also the local community benefited of a strong impact, having the chance to meet the project and open its mind. LONGER TERM BENEFITS: In a longer perspective we think that the young participants could use the tools produced during the Exchange (Europass CV and Youthpass) especially entering in labour market or in a internship experience or EVS, etc...These tools will be useful for their professional growth but also to remind them through which experiences they gained skills and how. A meta-reflection on their learning. For the five organisations: the project had follow-up actions in creating next projects in partnership.

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