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Heppy - Healthcare: Parents Pathways and functional profile
Start date: 01 Nov 2011,

ContextThe dimension of health care is facing the growing importance of the concept of "continuity of care" to guarantee a higher level of quality of life of the patients. That means the need to develop new strategies for taking care of people affected by chronic pathologies, after leaving hospital, combining different typologies of assistance: medical, psycological, social etc.NeedsIn order to ensure a high level of quality of the service of home caring, the health carers need to add to their medical competences, a set of skills that are related to the understanding the specific social and job related needs of the person they have to assist.AimThe project intends to carry out a training experimental initiative addressed to professionals Health Carers as to provide them the skills for an holistic approach to assisting the patient at home that focuses the attention on the comprehension of personal needs of the patient himself.Results- Better knowledge on the main experiences and needs of professionals health carers devoted to home assistance of patients with chronic diseases and disabilities. - Creation and delivery of blended learning based training course, aimed to provide professionals health carers assisting at home patients with chronic diseases and/or disabilities, with the skills to acknowledge and understand the personal characteristics of the patient and how these are affected by the pathology- Creation of an European community of professionals health carers, patients and their families in order to share direct experiences, opinions, knowledge and advices on how develop a therapeutic pact among them.ImpactAt least 150 Professionals health carers will directly benefit from the project results. Each partner will involve at least 30 trainers and trainees for testing the training package and participating to the Virtual Community.At least 30 patients, together with their families will benefit directly from the project results
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