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The HENGE Project proposes to contribute to rural entrepreneurship education by geographically exporting innovative training solutions to encourage youth, women and older people across Europe who live in rural areas to evaluate and best exploit the potential of their built cultural and natural heritage for alternative enterprise and agritourism, whilst ensuring sustainabilty of these resources. The existing training solutions will undergo development work in order for them to be adapted to the new geographically identified markets. The project will improve the skills development of adults in the labour market, specifically targeting residents in rural areas who may have few or no formal qualifications and face socio-economic disadvantage.Partnership: The partnership brings together a diverse range of organisations across Europe all with a common interest in resource evaluation and rural entrepreneurship. Countries represented include ES, RO, UK, BU, TR, LT. Impact: The partners wish to ensure that HENGE is main streamed and usage is multiplied at national level in each of the partner countries beyond the lifespan of the project.

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