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Hemşirelik Alanı Öğrencilerimizin Almanya, İspanya ve Portekiz'de Diyabet Hemşireliği Stajı
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

8.4% of world’s population, meaning 382 millions people has diabetes and in our country, considering that 7 millions of people between ages of 20-79 has diabetes which is the 15% of this age group, we can see that diabetes is a widespread sickness. Health expenditures across the world per year corresponds to 548 billions dollars at the end of 2013 and this shows how big harms diabetes cause both to health and the budget. Considering these harms of diabetes, we plan to send 60 of our nursing students for an internship in Klinik Am Bürgerpark in Bremerhaven Germany, Quiron Hospitales in Marbella Spain and Clinica Nova de Barcelos in Barcelos Portugal. We aim that these students will become qualified health personel on diabetes nursing by improving their skills and knowledge in diabetes nursing with the mobilities. Besides that, we aim that our students will get out of the cultural structure of our county and city and they will gain European citizenship culture, that they develop their language skills and they become fully equipped individuals with this. With all these qualifications, our main goal is to make the employment of our students easier and touch a sore spot as diabetes. As we are implementing our project, a schema where all the teachers of our school can attend the project has been formed and within the frame of this schema a project implementation committee has been built. All our teachers will be in this committee and these teachers of our school will be the completing parts of our implementing committee through sub committeees. With the home partners of our project, Partnership Agreements will be signed in a way to guarantee cooperation all through the project. Learning Agreements will be signed with our students and this will make them perform what they need to perform in the project and with these Learning Agreements they will also be the monitorers of our project. Letters of Consent will be taken from the parents of the students so that the responsibility of the students is waived. With our project, our students that carry out internships will fill the gap of qualified health personel in diabetes nursing in our country. With the help of our students who will serve as qualified personel in diabetes nursing and with the awareness we will try to create on diabetes, a large ground will be covered about struggle against diabetes. A serious managerial capacity increase will be experienced in our school, with this capacity increase first steps of internationalization goals of our school will be taken and with our school attending more projects it will be able to increase its experience and also will be able to satisfy its equipment needs.
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