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Start date: Aug 20, 2016, End date: Aug 19, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Medical Vocational Education in Europe as a First Step to Nursing AssistanceDespite the improvements on medical system, as a result of increasing investments for the last few years, we can see that we have a long way to go according to statistical datum in 2013. The datum show that the number of nurse for 1000 people is 13 in German, 17,4 in Switzerland, 9,4 in France, OECD average is 8,8, EU average is 1,8 while it is 1.8 in our country. With this rate Turkey takes place fifth to last which means work load of the nurses in our country is many times more than their European colleagues. Heavy working conditions such as working overtime, looking after more patients than normal or night shifts results in exhaustion and depression or professional mistakes. This brings disadvantages on professional development and cause vicious circle. For this reason good education is not enough but it must be perfect as in European countries. Beside these negative points, with the introduction of some new careers like nursing assistance, midwife assistance, health care technician, and putting them into practice by the releasing of law on 18th January 2014, very young people had to start their medical career and burden dense work load, so they had to be mixed up in affair in nursing and assistant nurse or they cannot improve themselves. It will be dreaminess to expect very young people to succeed in their professions while working in hospitals. We, as medical vocational education employees, who are able to see these realities, consult with medical staff and brought about “problem tree”, designed this project as a first step to solve present problems. Our purpose is to iron out the deficiencies in education and bring well-educated medical staff in our country’s medical system.Our project has been prepared for adapting medical vocational education and healthcare system to newly defined vocational characteristics, elimination of deficiencies in this field and to bring better trained healthcare personnel in our country. Our project shall take place in Romania and Czech Republic countries. Our activities will be carried out in important healthcare organizations which will serve accordingly to our aims. Participants will be 36 female students 4 of whom are in socially, economically, morally and domestically disadvantageous conditions. Vocational internships of our students will be the application method of our project. Each group will have an attendant teacher and our course will be made out of 5 groups.Our institution always follows a multiple structure for project management and adopted share and multiply success method. Throughout all the activities our partners and project team will be actively canalized. In the basis of our methodology lies preparation, application, observation, evaluation, dissemination concepts. During the executive stage of our project all the activities shall be carried out with time based lists in the way of Gant schematics and in case of any drawbacks a flexible scheduling will be made. Every activity will be gain-focused. Due to the very nature of gain-based system assessment and evaluation practices will be put forward before and after each activity. With this way, improvements of the participants will be observed through development charts, portfolio and micro training methods. Our project sets its sight on improving our institutions project planning and management skills, gaining modernist approaches in medical vocational education to our country, adopting standards of The European Union concerning vocational and general education, increasing the quality of self and vocational improvement of our students, decreasing the failure rate in medical practices, enhancing foreign language proficiency on a student & teacher basis, eliminating discrimination and revealing these gains also enhancing self-confidence, assertiveness, communication and self-efficiency capabilities of the participants. Our project will have a significant impact on our school’s promotion and confidence. Sharing our gains of project proficiency with other schools and institutions shall have a snowball effect in the future. Gaining on EU standards with healthcare education and raising personnel with better vocational proficiency will minimize education-basedfailure rate. By enhancing language proficiency participants will raise the quality of the institution they work with. Our teachers will study academic materials and will take part in programs like SALTO-YOUTH to improve themselves. Convergence of different cultures will help participating nations to break down prejudices like EU opposition or islamophobia.
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