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Start date: Aug 1, 2010,

"Helping Ecuadorian children at age of risk" project takes place in Quito city centre (Ecuador) where Fundaci├│n Proyecto Chiriboga and its partner organization Don Bosco manage a recreational centre for children aged 5-14 years old. The project aims to improve life conditions and the educational level of children with less opportunity, offering them a safe place where to have recreational activities, do homeworks, play sports, take computer and English lessons and have outdoor activities. The project wants to promote and to give equal opportunity of learning and of growing to the children attending the centre, fighting any kind of discrimination linked to their social-economic background, the ethnicity or the gender. All children are from poor families and may suffer from bad treatments."Helping Ecuadorian children at age of risk" gives the chance at 2 EVS volunteers to work in this centre for a period of 6 months. During their service the volunteers will join and help the local and other international volunteers to organize recreational activities, to support the education and the scholar tasks of the children attending the centre, also by giving English and computer lessons. Volunteers, according to their skills, could also organize sport activities, workshops, trips and any kind of non formal activity. The working days will be from Monday to Friday, from 10.00 am to 4.00 p.m.The period of service will give volunteers the possibility to get to know a way of being an active citizen, practicing in the field the European values of youth participation, solidarity, dialogue and respect of diversity. The volunteers will receive, both by the sending and by the hosting organization, several trainings before and during the service that will give them all the necessary instruments to approach situations and problems they may face during their work.
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