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Helping parents to help their children excel in mathematics and sciences

At a time when mathematics and science provide essential knowledge tools and thefoundations for lifelong learning skills, cross-national studies of student achievement inEurope (e.g. TIMSS, PISA) indicate lack of mathematical and scientific competence fora considerable proportion of the student population. Acknowledging the central role ofparents in children’s learning, this project aims to raise the European educationalstandards in mathematics and science by cultivating underlying home cultures asspringboards for youth learning. The overall aim of the project will be to offer high-qualitytraining to parent educators around Europe that will equip them with the requiredknowledge, skills, and resources to provide vocational guidance to parents ofelementary and secondary school children (ages 6-15) in how to best support theirchild’s development in mathematics and science.The project has the following objectives:-Developing, pilot testing, and offering an intercultural parent-trainer training course forEuropean teachers, school administrators, representatives of parent associations, andothers involved in training activities for parents.-Developing, pilot testing and distributing to parent educators for use in their parenttrainingprograms a culturally differentiated training pack for parents offering technologyenhanced,research-based educational aids and resources to support the developmentof their children’s mathematical and scientific knowledge and skills.-Designing and developing a multilingual knowledge web site to support and promotethe project’s activities and objectives by offering open access to the parent-trainertraining course content and pedagogical approach, to the parent training pack, and tovarious other links and resources.-Initializing networking among parent educators across Europe by building an onlinecommunity for the exchange of ideas, content, tools, and didactic approaches relating toparent education in mathematics and science. The long-term objective will be to sustainand, if possible, to expand this community into a pan-European network ofcommunication.

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