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Helping others - Helping ourselves
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Nov 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

10 volunteers will serve for 11 months in our project, who will come partly from Central-eastern Europe, and partly from Western-Europe. The title of the project is „Helping others - helping ourselves” as to do a voluntary year means not only helping others, but to also to get new competences and to develop ourselves. So in the project they will not only get to know a new country and culture, they will not only develop in their personality, but they will be the part as an intensive learning process, where they will help others, but they will learn about themselves. Mobility: long term EVS, 11 months Place: Budapest, Magyarmecske Countries: Hungary, France, Germany, Italy, Romania and Ukraine Program period: 1st September 2015 – 31st July 2016 Methods: The most important part and method of the voluntary service is the non-formal learning. We would like to build on this base, when the volunteer will work at the hosting place, and get practical knowledge, or when the volunteers live together, meet each other, or when they participate in the meetings, programs, seminars, organised by ÖDE, or when he is invited to a local Hungarian family. Other important methods in intercultural environment are: - active participation, - interactivity among the volunteers, the people in need or the local community - practical tasks - reflection to their own experiences - learning based on questions Impact: Getting new competences, development in their personality, and for example responsibility, freedom, decisions. They can get new positive attitudes and independency. The participants will have wider network of relationships, through this they will become more open and tolerant. Some volunteers, who will participate in the project, have easy connection to new information, programs, but some of them facing with difficulties in access, so the will need help and advices. It means that we will treat the theme of inclusion, participation and social rights. Some of the participants will come from underprivileged small areas from Romani, Ukraine or Sicily.

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