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Archive of European Projects

Start date: 01 Aug 2014, End date: 30 Sep 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project environment: The Institut pour Infirmes Moteurs Cérébraux (IMC) is the only school for physically and mentally disabled children and young people, from age 4 to 18, in Luxembourg. It is located near Luxembourg-City. The spoken language in the school is Lëtzebuergesch; (everyday spoken language; German and French are used in written communication). Most of the 65 pupils are in wheelchairs and they are coming from eight different countries of Europe. The new building of the school was finished in 1999 and has its own swimming pool, gymnastic room, rhythmic room, room for the airtramp, workrooms for painting and pottery and three rooms for snoezelen (dream and release). The volunteer will cooperate with teachers and therapists. He will have the role of assistant to help children who are not able to work on their own. The volunteer is able to build up a good relationship with disabled children and the staff as well with the parents. This promotes mutual understanding of different cultures and being. The volunteers will gain greater insight into different needs and abilities. This project will enrich the regular activities of the class on a number of levels. Beyond this, volunteers will bring a fresh perspective, stimulating new ideas and cultural skills. The volunteer may attend all the meetings of the staff as well as special training course offered by the school. He will have his own mentor for all personal support. Since 1999 the Institut pour Infirmes Moteurs Cérébraux has been hosting more than 30 volunteers from different countries. Proposed activities for EVS volunteers: This project over ten months will certainly be a unique experience for the volunteer, the teachers and the children involved. The volunteer will be assisting in the development of pupils with special needs. The general objectives are teaching by different means and activities to train the very basic knowledge of the pupils. The volunteer will be involved in preparation of seasonal events like Santa Claus, Christmas, Carnival and Easter festivities. The volunteer's task will start every morning at 8.30 from Monday to Friday, with a weekly amount of 34 hours. The school holidays are one week for All Saints in November, two weeks for Christmas, one week for Carnival, two weeks for Easter and one week for Pentecost. The volunteer will be enabling disabled children/pupils taking part in different activities, like cooking activities (like help to hold the mixer), ceramic workshop (to form the clay), painting workshop (like help to hold the drawing pencil and paintbrush). As well as assisting the physiotherapists with swimming, (there should be one person for each child/youngster), airtramp (big air cushion) and other physical activities, like one-to-one walk-training. He will be assisting some pupils in learning at the computer in the class-room. When the weather is good the pupils like to go to the playground with special equipment, like swing and merry-go-round for wheelchairs. Also the volunteer will be involved helping for all special needs of the pupils, such as feeding, teaching coordination skills, helping them to clean teeth, face and hands, etc. Maximum number of EVS-volunteers that can be hosted at the same time: 2 Volunteer profiles and recruitment process: The volunteer should be keen and motivated to work with disabled children and young people on a very basic level, which requires patience, initiative and creativity. Any volunteers interests and/or skills like music (playing an instrument) or painting are very welcomed. Understanding German and French will be very helpful.
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