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Healthy Lifestyle

The main aim of the project was to make the students realize the importance of healthy lifestyle. First the students had to compile a questionnaire on the subject of sports and free time activities. There were huge differences between the two partner schools because the Polish institute is a sports school. Then they collected traditional recipes so they got to know each other's national cuisine. They wrote compositions about what healthy lifestyle includes and they were compared with the 12 points of healthy lifestyle. Works of art and placards were made to draw the other students attention to the topic. They learned each other's language on a 40-hour-course that they could use on the meetings. They trained frequently during the two years in order to match their strength with each other in different fields of sport, such as basketball, indoor hockey, swimming and athletics. Not only did they do sports on the exchange visits but they also did other free time activities, for example, hiking, cycling, canoeing, caving, cooking and visiting adventure parks. They gained a lot of cultural experiences because they visited many tourist attractions.The election of this topic for our project was based on the present concern shown towards it by every person in our society. We felt that it was our duty to make our youngsters aware of the importance of the subject. At the same time, it is an attractive field which enabled the participation of many areas of the school curriculum.The study of our languages by means of this topic was engaging and challennging to everbody for the novelty of the languages among the students.

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