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Healthy Lifestyle European
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Jan 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The EVS mobility entitled healthy Healthy lifestyle European emphasizes the fact that a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle is strongly connected with one's personal happiness, by the word "health" we mean the physical, mental and emotional health. We would like to offer the European youth an EVS learning experience to help them with their personal and professional development, to help them acquire new knowledge and competences and provide them with practical experience for the employment market that they will help build in the near future, by being actively engaged in the activities that promote healthy lifestyle and participating in them. There will be 2 volunteers coming to the Latvian host organisation, both of them from the Slovenia. The volunteers are interested in coming to Zelsirdibas Misija Dzivibas Ediens and they experience a need to develop personal and professional skills and competences to be better equipped on employment market and are interested in healthy lifestyle knowledge and practice as well as eco and health activities based tourism (one of main activities of our Slovenian partner). By hosting EVS volunteers we'll get a valuable experience in mentoring volunteers from other European countries and engaging in multicultural experiences. Our objectives are: 1. to promote and provide healthy lifestyle education for EVS volunteers through organizing and taking part in healthy life-style, personal development and personal and professional coaching, anti-stress courses, healthy diet cooking classes and yoga; 2. to offer youth strong connection between non-formal education and employment 3. to provide EVS volunteers and our youth with intercultural experience and create appreciation and awareness of different culture 4. to develop social skills of the volunteer and promote active participation in the society 5. to promote the EVS idea and Youthpass on a local and regional level 6. to increase the volunteer's digital competence 7. to offer youth aware of Erasmus+ and New Entrepreneur possibilities We strongly believe that our work focuses on some of the main objectives and goals of Erasmus+ programme as the newly acquired skills of our EVS volunteers will be validated in Youthpass and language certificate and disseminated within their sending organization and local community. With the newly acquired knowledge and experience in mind, the volunteer will also have better chances in the employment market. We also promote intercultural experiences by engaging ourselves in working with various European organizations with similar goals and values. Our methodology will be based on Youthpass as an instrument to help the volunteer recognize the importance of non-formal learning and as an instrument for self-reflection, self-evaluation and support of individual learning and its 8 key competences. Writing the Youthpass will enhance the volunteer's ability to communicate what he/she has learned. After the EVS project is finished, this will be a valuable tool for the volunteer for recognition of his learning outcomes. The Youthpass Impact Study by European Commission also shows that Youthpass increases chances to succeed when applying for internship, higher education or setting up business. The volunteer will be actively engaged in learning how to organise educational and/or tourism-related activities. Topics wil be healthy lifestyle, personal and professional development, meditation for personal inspiration as well as ecology (from the preparation to the evaluation phase). Other subjects during their stay in Latvia will be Latvian lessons, learning means for putting their own creativity into action, writing a diary of learning outcomes, sightseeing and visiting many cultural and sporting events. Some of the results and impact envisioned are: - enhanced personal and professional skills and competences that will according to European Commission survey increase the volunteer's internship and employment opportunities - increased appreciation for intercultural diversity - a healthier, more balanced lifestyle (from the physical, mental and emotional view) and consequently happier life - increased knowledge of Erasmus+ program, EVS, Youthpass, Europass CV and motivation to become a volunteer or to apply for and EVS accreditation and host/send one. - More experience in mentoring an EVS volunteer and managing a long-term project The long-term effect is networking with EU partners and an increased motivation among our partners in the country and in Europe to provide such a learning experience for youth in their organisation.
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