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Healthy Life's Codes
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

A HEALTHY LIFE’S CODES ; Nowadays,Healthy life is one of the most important problem of today’s modern people.The main reason of this is ; Today’s modern people’s life has changed contrary to their genes which was determined 10000-15000 years ago. All human being’s life styles in the world are determined by their genes.However ,with their social and cultural evolution, people started to live according to their social-cultural obligations instead of living according to their gene’s orders and needs.So, it makes healthy life is problem. We observe our students have the same problems ,for example; they have unhealthy life, which includes eating habits such as snacks.junk food….etc.Also, they spend too much time by watching Tv, playing computer games.These behaviours cause lack of exercising, stress,unhealthy eating habits, harmfull addictions.As a result,Obesity increases and becomes a big problem for us day by day. By this project,we would like to help human beings who consider a healthy life is a problem, to continue their lifes in a healthy way, by planing some current arrangments and reminding them these conditions again in a suitable way. With the purpose of giving a scientific data to this Project, we have choosen the countiries which have both the same eating habits and life styles with us and different from us..We found partners from both the nearest countries and the furthest ones. In acitivities ,We will try to get maximum benefit from the curative affects of human’s body by orginizing sleeping- awakeness hours,deciding nourishment’s and food’s kinds and eating habits, doing phycsical activities proporly in accordance with the human’s genetic past. SOME OF OUR ACTIVITIES, A Health Magazine:We will publish the same healthy magazine for each partners' country.(Total 180 numbers of healthy magazines will be published at the end of the term). *A dictionary which include foods' and drinks' names in all partner's languages(Turkish,Hungarian,Polish,Greek,Spanish,Italian ) will be published for each partners' country.(30 dictionaries for each country and total 180 dictionaries will be published.) *A Cook Book (a recipe book)which includes different cultures' healthy meals will be published for each partners' country.(Total 180 recipe books will be published at the end of the term. *Web-site which includes all activities will be prepared and used by all partners' students and extended by them. *Videos about cultural games and sports will be prepared and they are used for media.(tv,newspaper...etc) *Articles,Essays will be published and they will be used in newspapers and shared in some social sites. *Interviews with local farmers,biologists,dieticians...etc. will be shared with more people by media,tv,newspaper,social sites...etc. *Conferences about healthy life will be organized by each partner countries.They will be disseminated with invitation cards.The comnferences will be used in local tv or newspapers. *The Biology Teachers will inform their students about old human beings' life styles and eating habits and they give a lecture to the students about them in schools.The students will compare nations' old life styles with new life styles and explain the differences between them.They will have an argument about the disadvantages and advantages of them. *An experinced person about biology will give a lecture about junk foods', fast foods' and ready foods which are made from harmful additives.We will inform the students about the damages of ready foods. *Worksheets,Pictures,,Posters,Articles,Essays,. etc. are shown to students about healthy life and teach them how they will prepare new ones. *Videos about games will be watched and we will motivate them to learn to play local games.These works will help to reach more people. *Visiting local farmers and having an interview with the farmers about growing natural foods.They are informed by farmers about growing natural foods.These interviews will be shared with more people. The methods that we use for arranging life styles in accordance with the human’s biological structure; 1.Arranging the sleeping- awakeness hours accoring to human’s genetic programme. 2.Rearranging the nutrition’s ingredients and shapes, which is used commonly , according to human’s genetic past. 3.Informing our students and their parents by determing food’s kinds and nourishment’s ingredients which cause halth problems such as obesity and insomnia…etc. 4..In order to encourage active life,each country introduce their young games which is about to diaappear and teach them to others,play their cultural young games with other countries..So, it will be an interactive program for all countries. As a result, as all partners,we aim to solve health problems ,as being a model for young generation by arranging their life styles and we will explain positive affects of the project on human’s body.
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