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Healthy Generation Strong Future! / Sağlıklı Nesil Güçlü Gelecek!
Start date: Jan 8, 2016, End date: May 7, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Substances causing dependence; generally it consumed because of exhilarating features, although not essential for survival and users in the physical, mental, behavioral and cognitive changes they cause. Article too; and the functional structure of the brain associated subsystems including a fake "well-being" to state and uncontrolled chemical reactions, are the factors that caused the behavior and repetitive use.Every year many young people, use of substances that harm the youth, and they shorten their lifespan. Damaging to the youth; drugs, smoking, bad habits such as alcohol, affecting the fresh life of our young people and their (drugs, cigarettes, those habits such as alcohol) in the future society of productive, useful, take away the right to a dignified and decent individuals.An increase in the use of harmful habits seen lately. Turn into harmful habits of drug addiction among children, it is preparing the ground for the emergence of major mental health problems in young people. Our social lives and healthy mind and our young people to physical health over generations transport to hand tomorrow to inform it, to increase awareness of the issue, we want to realize our project as savvy youth to draw their attention to this important issue.The goal of our project; Tobacco, alcohol, drugs, regarding various types of addiction, such as technology, mainly children and young people is our local knowledge and our participants. Our participants will increase their awareness of this subject will learn by experience the importance of social activities and sports to get rid of them.Expanding awareness of substance abuse among young people in Europe and in our country; Helping to destroy the preconceptions taught young people constitute one of our other goals.The bad habits of our youth how to start, in our life, local NGOs, governments, receive comprehensive information about their operations in the fight against these countries. In fact dealing with them "Sport" will have to be aware of how important and will have the opportunity to experience. It's our local, our young people, to the environment when they return to their country, they will also get everyone will find social media has the ability to transfer and dissemination of video works to pass this information. If you are on the bad habits that we give them work with a poster campaign and will ask how you want to carry out the preparation of how the work that banner. In this study, an increase in creativity and will be using their imaginations to allow. At the same time, productivity will be improved. With outdoors sports activities will be enjoy the fun together. They have to be aware of the fact that sport is a factor essential for a healthy life. The young people who fill their free time with physical activities can not be denied that they stay away from vices such a difference that will have to be true.Our project will include a total of 41 people. The profiles of our participants will be between the ages of 15-30; Videos, short films, people who are motivated and ability to work on issues such as preparing visual materials. They also deal with any branch of sport or willing to deal with our young people will be involved in our project. People with common interests and wishes of the training we want to see our project. We want to include our project and in particular young people with fewer opportunities.The local people in both our countries, youth, public, non-governmental organizations engaged in the study of local knowledge and we want to be familiar with awareness. People that this is a serious problem day by day as more and more come to our young generation and the impact area "addiction" We want to see the extent of that increase. How much we can increase the awareness of young people say that we ourselves have reached success. Therefore, we believe fully in the short film will prepare our participants at this point is a good promotion of the vehicle. Our attendees will use when preparing their visual creativity, we believe we can attract the attention of our target audience.They also need to learn that the individual is not only a social problem. What the what and civil society in these countries can take measures for removing problem trees as we worked on during the project we can do.Pulling awareness of the sport in our youth we would like to inform about this issue. The generation of sports began at a young age how healthy individuals are actually in the future will have to show them the benefits they continued their lives. The short film in sports where we will prepare our participants will include images. In this way, we will have reached its conclusion by collecting every two important issues in our movie.
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