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Start date: Aug 11, 2014, End date: May 10, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our Project, which is prepared within the scope of Youth Exchange Programme of Erasmus+, will be implemented under coordination of Turkey and partnership of Spain. The project activities will be carried out in Yuksekova District of Hakkari Province on 6th to 20th September 2014 with participation of total 24 youngsters. Due to the rapid growth and physical development during youth period, the need for nutrients increases; malnutrition and poor nutrition leads to discontinuations in physical growth and damages to the body; and malnutrition habits lead in time to many diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, several types of cancer, gout and arthritis, obesity, etc. Intensive consumption of food at the shopping malls accompanied with consumption of packaged food, divergence from natural nutrients, unconscious consumption of food and beverages and fat-food type nutrition within social life cause serious health problems and put the youngsters under threat. Fast food type nutrition, which has become common especially among the children and the youngsters at urban areas, is rich in saturated fatty acids and poor in pulp content and A and C vitamins; and is risky in terms of causing cardiovascular diseases. In the light of the abovementioned reasons, our project aims to raise consciousness of youngsters on healthy nutrition, make positive impact on their psychological-mental and physical development and their labor force. It also aims to increase the life span in a healthy way, decrease the health risks and to raise conscious on proper and balanced consumption instead of direct consumption. Our project aims to help the youngsters establish healthy nutrition habits, assess the food they consume in view of health, to acquaint them with the diseases caused by malnutrition and the measures, which may be taken against such diseases. Within the scope of our project, certain activities will be conducted with the participant youngsters for achievement of the targets and aims of the project: Outdoor activities will be conducted on production and consumption of organic food; research will be made; production phases of milk and milk products will be monitored and followed; research and studies will be conducted on apiculture and honey production; a “Culture Table” will be organized in order to introduce of Spain cuisine and Turkish cuisine.
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