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Healthy European Youth
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our consortium has 9 schools from 9 different countries. We created this project to encourage students to adopt a healthy lifestyle through sport and healthy food choice. We propose the development of sport and activities , wen promote healthy eating and encourage team work, promotion of European citizenship and inclusion, tolerance, mutual respect, solidarity. We will use the intercultural dialogue and bringing to the fore both the diversity and unity of Europe. We will develop our through activities 8 key competences to develop our students` knowledge, abilities, skills and attitudes that prepare them for finding a suitable place on the labor market in Europe. The target group consists of gymnasium students from partner schools. They will work with their teachers ,families of students and representatives of local communities. We will encourage the participation of students who belong to a minority, socially disadvantaged students and students with educational special needs. The project will run for 3 years. Every year,the activities will have a theme: BALL SPORTS GAMES, HEALTY EATING, GAMES BOX. The activities in each school will be subordinated to the chosen theme. For every year there is an operational plan including monthly activities, target group involved, means of achievement, assessment methods, final products, methods of dissemination, implementation period, finance charges, responsibles for the activities. The purposes of activities are deriving the big goals of the project. Every year we will organize three international meetings. Each school will participate with 2 representatives. The number of representatives will be different at the last meeting of each year as it will be for learning purposes. This meeting will be attended by 6 students and 2 teachers from every school. The students who will participate in mobilities and learning activities will be hosted in families of students from the host schools. Students and their teachers will participate in teaching lessons and will realise manufactured materials as active participants. In the category of intellectual products will enter 2 bilingual methodological guidelines that are described by ten non-formal activities that contribute to the development of healthy lifestyle. These guides will present in English the activities in details (subject, target group, objectives, materials needed, time budget, business stages, the activities performed by the students, the activities undertaken by teachers, final product, methods of assessment, effective impressions about activities , possible variants of organization of activity). The first guide will be made after the first year of the project and the second guide will be made after the second year of the project. The first will describe sports and the second will describe activities which promote healthy eating. After the first year and after the second year of the project it will be organized an international workshop with the participation of coordinators from every school and with the participation of other guests from the local community and other schools interested in the project. Workshop topics : SUSTAINABLE LIVING BY SPORT, HEALTHY FOOD – FROM FARM TO PLATE. The workshops are multiplier project events. Other products of the project will be: In the first project year : a calendar with famous athletes in the partner countries , a sports dictionary, a film about the organization of learning in the first year of the project .In the second year: a magazine with four issues presenting healthy food ( about milk products, about fruit , about vegetables, about meat) .In the third year : a book about board games (chess , rummy, scrabble , dominoes, puzzle games, pawns ) ; will be described games , school competitions of these games and will be attached posters about these games ( used by each partner to popularize school competitions organized within the project). In achieving the above mentioned products will work all partners. The project will be disseminated on the websites of schools, the project website, local media, in professional meetings of teachers and students in the project exhibition products. Each international meeting and the two workshops will be synthesized in a main film that will be posted on the project website. For making of this film will be responsible the project coordinator. The project site will be built by our Turkish partners. The workshops will be organized by the coordinator. The logo and the mascot design will be chosen through negotiation until the first project meeting. Project evaluation will be made using the initial and final questionnaires, participating in the contest materials products MADE FOR EUROPE by organizing a regional symposium in coordinating country after completion of the project (Formative Assessment Strategies theme in Erasmus projects).
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