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Heading for new shores- Qualitätssteigerung des Englischunterrichts zum Ausbau der europäischen Verknüpfung
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Being a school in a disctrict with social deprivation and a high amount of children having a migrant background we always focus on the development of a sense of community, but eventhough on finding and forging own identities. Lots of our pupils have to cope with their life between two cultures, being different and excluded. At school they should find the common sense of being part of it. Here they can discover differences, define their own and develop a feeling of enrichment and tolerance. Providing different methods and projects at our school we always try to fight the educational disadvantages, which results from their familiar and cultural background. Getting started with common projects joined by partner schools in the EU seems to be particulary promissing. Cross-border projects in different areas invite our pupils to deal with their own competences, interest and backgrounds. They will discover Europe and its diversity. Differences and common features will become obvious. Possibly the pupils will find features of their own culture, but moreover they will develop a common sense in class and in school. No other learning method will bring that much learning effect about a foreign country, than having their voices in our classroom. Expressing themselves in the lingua franca children will have a different perspective on learning the language and its significance. They have to make themselve understood and they have to communicate in english. Their elobarations will be forwarded to the partner school, there it will be seen and appreciated. Therefore the pupils will have a new and significant goal to study and get in touch with the language. Hopefully they become motivated and self-confident learners, proudly taking advantages of it. The mobility periods of our staff seems to be crucially important for the implementation and development of our project. On the one hand it serves their linguistical and communicational skills. They should be well prepared to extend contact to partner schools and to implement project lessons in our foreign language classes. Absolving a teacher training with teachers from foreign countries led by an english teacher, they will get to know new methods and didactic devices for the foreign language classes, which we want to use and adapt to our project lessons. Above all we hope to gain a first contact to partner schools in Europe during the teacher training. A couple of teachers from diffenrent country will joim the group, being interested in a partnership or with experiences working in common projects. A regular exchance - not only via e-mail- but in personal will have an influence on the success and the continuity of our parnerships.

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