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Hayvancılık ve Gıda Alanlarındaki Öğrencilere Avrupa’da Mesleki Eğitim
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

One of the most important and invariable problem of mankind is sufficient and balanced nutrition. Animal products are indispensable because of their biological properties that they have and are in an incomparably position with other nutrients. Livestock is vital for our country and region due to the our people’s healthy and balanced nutrition, the development of industry which is related with livestock, job creation in rural areas in a short term with the minimum investment, supporting the family budgets, development of priority regions for development, to increase rentability in agriculture and also the most critical sub-sector in entering the EU. The consortium of the project comprised of Hamidiye Vocational and Technical High School, Fırat Vocational and Technical High School, Gelemen Vocational and Technical High School, Selimiye Vocational and Technical High School and they have been giving education in order to meet the need for qualified staff of livestock and food sectors. The students graduated from the schools have opportunities to work in the directorates related to the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, research institutions, animal breeder and milk producer associations, dairy products producers’ businesses, laboratories, public or private livestock enterprises and or in their own business places. Our project was prepared and implemented for the students studying in the fields of livestock and food technologies. The goal was to improve their professional knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors, to contribute their adaptation to business life, to be trained in real production and service environment in livestock sector, to know the facilities, tools and equipment that are not present in their schools, to follow today’s modern livestock and food technologies conditions closely, to learn foreign language, to develop their self-confidence, competitiveness and entrepreneurial characteristics, and to contribute to have a job when they graduate. 20 students and 2 accompanying teachers from Animal Health Field and 10 students and 1 accompanying teacher from Food Field of Hamidiye VTHS, 10 students and 1 accompanying teacher from Animal Health Field and 10 students and 1 accompanying teacher from Food Field of Selimiye VTHS, 10 students and 1 accompanying teacher from Food Field of Fırat VTHS, 10 students and 1 accompanying teacher from Animal Health Field of Gelemen VTHS participated in abroad study of our project. Our project was implemented in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Hungary for 14 days in April-May 2016. 20 students in Germany, 20 students in Belgium, 20 students in the Netherlands and 10 students in Hungary did internships. We did not have any problems during the implementation of abroad training program. The project objectives that we stated in our project proposal were met. All the participants fully followed the training time. Our students received training in the fields of livestock and food in European countries. They attended several seminars and meetings. To contribute to their personal and professional development, they visited; the other modern livestock enterprises in the region, milk and dairy products processing and marketing companies, companies that sell the tools and equipment necessary for the modern livestock, producers’ associations and they met with the officials of the institutions and they received information about their activities. A CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION was given to each one of the students by the project owner and the abroad host institutions at the end of our project. With the project works, the professional knowledge, skills and experiences of the students increased. Their self-confidence improved. They got new professional horizons by seeing modern livestock enterprises and their practices in Europe. They learned new techniques, methods and the usage of the tools and equipment in the field of dairy cattle breeding. Their vocational and personal curriculum vitae were strengthened. They had intercultural information exchange. They improved consciousness of being European. They improved their communication levels by talking to European people. It contributed significantly to their foreign language. Contributions were made to our schools on developing new cooperation possibilities between domestic and abroad project partners, on increasing the quality of service in training and on following the technological developments that are accepted in Europe. The students who saw the modern livestock enterprises in Europe were highly influenced from them and they say that when they graduate, they will be the examples to their environment by implementing the things they had learned in their working places. Students and accompanying teachers are reflecting their acquisitions to their school works. The works about spreading the good implementations that gained from our project are still going on.
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