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Haydi Mardin Okula! - Lets Get Moving To School!
Start date: Mar 12, 2015, End date: Apr 11, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Lets Get Moving To School! Project; is planned to apply good examples, running in common countries, in here by developing, to run works and to create a net in order to produce a solution about increasing education level and preventing the dropouts in Mardin, the second city that has the highest rations of dropouts and lack of education because of economic, cultural and family matters, executive and bureaucratic matters about education system, with young people who will come from 3 EU countries. “Dropout” that holds the lack of education level of country on the top by being apart from other countries, and affects country’s development and public welfare, will be dealt by Team youth group and organizations came from Bulgaria, Italy, Lithuiania and Turkey. Besides young people who are successful in their education and social life, have experienced by participating in several project and non-governmental organizations and are between 18-29 ages, young people who have educational, social and economic difficulties, will attend from Turkey and 7 EU countries. This project is aimed to provide these young people to see the learning foreign language, sufficiency in native language, self-knowledge, expressing themselves, self-reliance, using technology actively, learning new education methods, using obtained knowledge, having competences like creativeness and entrepreneurship, and learning abilities with Youthpass certificate. The activities, took place in project, are activities, in which common education techniques will be used, such as brainstorming, presentations, games, workshop studies, STK fair, cultural works, preparing introduction movies, producing campaigns, meeting with decision makers. It is aimed to incorporate young people living in here into the project, to inform local community and create awareness, to produce and run new campaigns, and to encourage young people who abandoned their education to move on their education. Results of project are supposed to be spread all over region and create a multiplier effect. In wide perspective, incorporating young people with disadvantage into society, increasing their education level, raising them into the level that they may meet their economic requirements by employing them would provide economic development in region. By regional development, compulsory migration will be prevented; conglomeration of population will be precluded; environmental and social handicaps caused by uncontrolled conglomeration of population will be disappeared. By extending this project, attentions will be drawn on dropout problem in different regions of country; a stage will be supplied for related organizations and groups to produce projects and solutions; worked methods, produced solutions and campaigns will gain an international dimension with partners, will be incorporated into the net, by applying these in their locals."

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