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Haydi Konuşalım
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In today's world, one of the biggest problem is lack of communication. Especially in our country, the lack of communication in foreign language is the problem which should be solved immediately. In this century, speaking English becomes an important issue in many fields. Moreover, speaking a foreign language is not enough now, learning and speaking a third language is essential. Turkey falls behind when compared to many other European countries in teaching and speaking foreign languages. According to the "Index of Suffiency in English" which was made in 2011, Turkey became 43rd among 44 countries. But our project partner Polland became10th. Although Turkey has been developing actively for 15 years, has proceeded on the way of being a regional power and being the 16th economy of the world, it has great problems in foreign language teaching. This is really ironic. In spite of all rejuvenation in syllabus and class hours made by Ministry of National Education, it is obvious that we have still problems in teaching and speaking foreign languages. From this point forth, as Polland is in a more advanced level compared to us in teaching foreign languages, we prepared a project with them. This project will help us to improve both our teachers' knowledge and our students' speaking skills. Our main aim is to identify the differences in facilities and to transfer good practices for teaching and speaking a foreign language. It should also be helpful to make our students speak. English is becoming the most commonly used language in our era. We have both compulsory English and German classes in our school. We get feedbacks from our graduate students that they have still problems in speaking the foreign languages that were taught for four years in our school. We currently observe our students in foreign language classes that they are still anxious and they are afraid of making mistakes while speaking. We observed that our ex project partners Polish school's teachers' and students' are more confident and relax in speaking English. They have enough knowledge and experience in the field. In this sense, we expect to gain favor by the help of the facilities that are going to be carried out during the whole project. With the help of dissemination activities, these benefits will be announced in our district. The teachers who are going to take place in the project were determined by a commitee that was directed by our principal. The teachers are all willing to work voluntarily in the project. In the project, there are four English teachers, a German teacher and our principal who is originally a German teacher, too. Moreover, in the level of evaluating the questionnaires and writing the analysis reports, our Psychological Consultant teachers will be responsible. Our project's main aim is to support career development of our teachers by the help of observations and faciliaties. *In the context of the project, all plans and syllabuses of English and German lessons will be analyzed essentially. *In the class observations, students' attention and interest to language lessons will be observed. The attention raising activities and methods will be observed attentively. *As main activities in the project extend, questionnaire of "Students' Satisfaction in Foreign Language Education" will be applied to both project partners' students and then the analysis reports will be written. *Differences between speaking and making students speak will be determined by recording the foreign language lectures in both project partner schools. *Interviews will be done with the foreign language teachers of hosting school and success factors will be found. *It has been planned that supplying communication among students via Skype will be helpful to make this project permanent. A Skype speaking group will be beneficial to make students' use foreign languages interactively in their daily lives. *The methodology of our project mainly based on observation, identifying the differerences and transfering good practices. * At the end of all these facilities, our teachers will prepare a report to evaluate their acquisitions and to notify their suggestions to eliminate deficiencies. This report will be announced to our other foreign language teachers in our school and then it will be shared with the District National Education Directorate. We will disseminate our project acquisitions in our district with the help of short term conferences and seminars. In order to reach our targets, we want to improve our school's quality in eduaction field by transfering good practices and eliminating deficiencies.
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