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Hayat Boyu Öğren ve Öğret
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our school who believes to success its ınternational improvement (in the meaning of administrative and staff )with the developement of its staff,started its education in 15/09/2012. We aim to be a role model in both our districtic Dursuney and Balıkesir by adopting as a principle to obtain an international identitity and improve itself. Our institution's staff mobility project to improve itself will be the first step in the meaning of internationalization. New acquired informations and experiences will give new perspectives and motivatons to both our body and other institutions around us and this will be a step for new projects. Our school obtained needed information technology for our development with smart boards as a part of Fatih Project. But it is determined that both our staff and students are inefficient to use this technology in education and this demotivates us. In addition to this, it is determined that some of our students' success,attitude and interest towards the lessons are low according to the results of surveys and achievement tests. This situation demotivates both our teachers and students during education. Teachers want to get education from an institution in Europe because they feel themselves inefficient in applicable innovative methods in education and want to solve this problem with taking a course about it. Due to the high illiteracy level of families in Dursunbey and their lack of interests reduce many students' enthusiasm and interest towards the lessons. Our students are under risk because circle of friends who have bad habits has an impact on early school leaving. So we found the solution by getting education in Europe about early school leaving and current issues in education. Therefore primarily we organised a team consist of 8 teachers from different subjects by selecting the members using SWOT analysis,self-evaluation forms handed out by counseling service, attitude scales to lessons for students,opinions of parents in parent-teacher association meetigs and school principal's evaluations about the staff. We scheduled a project calender to determine the way of project follow-up and we determined our success criterias and expected results.By taking courses in Europe to solve our problems mentioned before,our project's content and purposes are to share our knowledge with colleagues having similar problems in education ,to be a role model for them by solving our problems in Europeanisation dimension and to form a basis for following European projects. Our project's content is to solve our problems by using international methods and provide our school's european development. So according to our project calender,we will share our new knowledges and education outputs(we learnt by means of courses in Europe) primarily with our school and then with the other local schools. Our success criterias are: 1)To use our smart boards and other information technologies effectively by the staff and the students 2)To raise attitudes towards lessons and successes of students and to increase motivation of both teachers and students by using innovative methods in teaching 3)To contribute solving problems about existing early school leaving both in our school and in the other schools with the methods we learn about preventing early school leaving and current issues in education 4)To improve english skills of both our staff and students as a second language with the new techniques planned to apply in teaching and entegrate language skills into our lessons 5)To stay in touch with the colleagues whom we will meet during the courses in Europe and to create new e-twinning and K2 projects with them or their contacts. 6)To contribute internationalization of our school. 7)To give advices to Ministry about new applications in education to contribute the improvement of curriculum Our expected results will show up with fulfillment of our success criterias.In other words,after the courses our school will use information technologies effectively with creative thinking methods. It will also lay a foundation of future K2 and e-twinning projects and create new projects of its own. Moreover quality of our education,success and motivation of both our students and staff will increase.We will be a model for other schools and our students after inner and outer disseminations.We will be successful about preventing early school leaving and our students'attitudes towards lessons and school will increase. Finally our school become a dynamic and developed life center.
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