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Hayallerimde Engellere Yer Yok
Start date: Aug 20, 2016, End date: Aug 19, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Montessorri training is an educational approach shaped around the objective of fostering individualization and independence among mentally disabled children. When the philosphy of Montessorri training approach is examined, it is observed that it aims to foster independence among both disabled children and those of normal development and provide them with the most suitable toys which support their development and environment where they can find everything. Focusing on self-confidence, self-expression and implementation, independence, cooperation, respect for others among children, it helps their self-realization.The starting point of this project is the program features and especially education tools based on the prominent education philosophy of Montessori Method. The project mainly targets the social perception and social acceptance problems that inclusive students with special needs (disabled) who are integrated into the Turkish education system have encountered. In the meantime, public information films targeting disabled people draw further attention to the lack of environmental and educational arrangements. The above-mentioned challenges especially the children of school age encountered make their lives harder. In addition to these challenges, failed friend-making attempts due to their different physical appearance makes their situation even harder. Teachers may tackle these challenges through awareness raising activities for children of early ages before their perception is shaped so that these challenges are not transferred to the later stages of life and there may be a change in social perception towards positive. Hence, this project planned to be conducted under Erasmus+ projects stipulates to provide new solutions to these problems and introduce a new perspective towards education system, and raise an awareness. In line with this objective, this project has been shaped by the sub goals we specified under European Development Plan. In this context, the project is based on the cooperative activities of teachers working at vocational high schools in the fields of Child Development and Education, and Clothing and Manufacturing. Through mobility activities, vocational high school teachers intend to design and produce toy which hold the characteristics of disabled people and are in the capacity of helping the development of positive perception of disabled people among children, enhancing cognitive, social, linguistic, sentimental, and psychomotor skills under the guidance of field experts in Montessori schools serving in accordance with the quality standards. At the end of the project, the participants and indirect project beneficiaries are expected to have maximum benefit at local, regional and national level on subjects on which content analysis has been conducted. The obtained results are intended to be utilized in the development of an innovative curriculum approach and a positive social awareness raising activities. The target group of the project is a group of 30 teachers working in the fields of Child Development and Education, and Clothing and Manufacturing. The objectives and expected results of the international mobility activities are increasing the capacity of vocational school teachers on the specified subjects and raising awareness of design and production by introducing new perspectives. Long-term expected impact of the project is introducing a positive perception towards disabled people among children of normal development at early ages, and hence, creating a new social perception on this subject in the long term.
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