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The goal of the project is joint development of human resources, training and educating those involved in the economy of the rural region to meet the challenges of rural development within the context of the European Union. The main activities were held in cooperation with higher education partner institutions, one from Croatia and one from Hungary, in the field of agriculture, but also involving numerous experts from abroad, which resulted in rural surveys of three counties of two countries supplemental teaching materials, publications (textbooks, manuals)and the dissemination of the project. The cross-border result proved to be permanent: in the education process, both partner higher education institutions, as well as other universities in Slavic-speaking regions, specifically use the materials created through this project. Achievements: Textbooks and brochures: 300 copies, multimedia CD: 100 copies, case study: 200 copies. Number of participants in the educational program: in Keszthely (122 regular students + 25 adults), in Krizevci (86 regular students + 41 adults). Number of participants in the final assemblies: in Keszthely (55 professionals in the field + 78 laymen), in Krizevci (78 professionals in the field + 81 laymen). Along with completing scientific papers and publications, the participants were active in the local media. Due to the project´s success, both partner institutions including the city of Keszthely plan to continue cooperating through future joint applications.

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  • 75%   86 687,76
  • 2000 - 2006 Slovenia - Hungary - Croatia (SI-HU-HR)
  • Project on KEEP Platform

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